Decisions Decisions

We all have to make them at some point in our lives, whether they’re small or large. I’ve developed a neat little system that helps me make a lot of my decisions. All unassassinated world leaders can thank me later.

Welcome to my one step program
The step I’m referring to is a step to the left. Bear with me, all will become clear soon enough. Basically, when you’re confronted by a difficult situation and don’t know what to do, stop, take a breath, then take a small step to the left.

Not only will you have given yourself a little extra time to consider your situation, but you’ll have provided yourself with a slightly different view of proceedings. It’s amazing how much things can change simply by being able to see things from two similar vantage points. With practice you’ll be able to do this without actually taking a physical step, and instinctively see things from multiple angles.

The name for this technique is called Intuition and it’s something that all humans possess to some degree. Unfortunately we’ve trained ourselves not to listen to it these days. We’ve become so reliant on receiving our information in other ways that we ignore the little voice inside of us that tells us the best course of action.


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