I’ve enjoyed the Ring films since I first managed to watch them. To be honest they were the first subtitled films that I paid any attention to, so they’ll always have a special place with me.

While I wasn’t that fond of the american remake, I’ll admit it was competently done, if a little misguided.

I urge EVERYONE that ever enjoyed the Ring films (japanese or american) to rush right out and get these books. First published in 1991, Ring has gone on to sell almost three million copies in Japan.

Combined with it’s sequels, Spiral and Loop, Ring tells the full tale of Sadako and a certain video tape. Due in part to the success of the films, the books have been translated into english over the past couple of years. Many details not included in the films come to light in the books, making them essential for any fan.

I’ve never been made to feel uneasy by a book until I read Ring. So many things were left out of the movies that I really felt I was reading a new story. The sequels move the story in another direction altogether, away from the ghost story rehashes that the films became. Loop is the next book on my list and I’m having a little trouble finding it but, so far anyway, Koji Suzuki has already earned his way into my favourite authors list.


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