My finger traces a line of her sweat, slowly followed by my tongue.
As she lies in my bed, yet wearing his ring, we know what we’re doing is wrong.

She tells me we’ll soon be together, that she just needs to sort out her head,
Then she takes off his ring, curls up in my arms and lays in the tears she’s shed.

She once said that she dreams about me as he lies at her side, asleep
And how she wishes it was me she had with her to hold and keep.

I want to make everything better, I only wish that I could,
But there’s no turning the clock back, ’cause if there were, we would.

I wrote this in 1995 on the night after my eighteenth birthday. I’d just realised that the woman I loved was never going to leave her husband, and this was my way of saying goodbye to the relationship. We stopped seeing each other just after Millenium Eve…


6 thoughts on “Astray

  1. Then it's time you got over it.Unless it's got a good tune.I used to write songs about ex-girlfriends as well: Mindi* stepped into a trap when she ditched me for that other chap. Cos tongues I've heard wagging say that new guy she's shagging just gave her a dose of the clap.Jimmy Webb made a fortune out of doing it.It just doesn't seem fair somehow.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*Names changed in order to protect me from anyone who still lives near enough to clobber me.

  2. LOL I was over it years ago. But I've always been fond of that poem. I reckon it's one of my best pieces of writing. Plus the story of how successful that goodbye was still makes me chuckle occasionally.

  3. What seems like another lifetime ago I did a long, very well paying, stint with an Irish Showband, and got really issed poff with really bad songs. So I tried to write the worst song ever. It was heavy with sentiment, tears shed over a lost love with long dark hair, and wishing I was back with my old mother in the auld homeland.Months later, having forgotten all about it, my mate's girlfriend read the lyrics and almost burst into tears at the shear beauty of it all.I'm obviously a crepe songwriter. I couldn't even get that right…

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