My Opera T-Shirt Photos

Thanks once again to Espen for getting it to me despite the problems. Okay, it didn’t fit me so I had to resort to family to get some photos for you. Kim wouldn’t do it either so for a while I thought I wouldn’t get any pictures at all. But, here we go…

Yep, that’s Annie modelling the latest in Opera fashion. And yeah, that’s our bathroom in the background.


29 thoughts on “My Opera T-Shirt Photos

  1. Bad bathroom. Whenever anyone moves out they leave their toiletries behind. Half that crap on the shelf doesn't belong to anyone but no-one knows which so it just sits there. 😆

  2. Annie – yeah, if ya want to hun.Isa – that one's skin tight on me even though it's extra large. I look like a superhero in it. It's hilarious.

  3. I knew you were gna pull somethin like that! 😆 Thought it woulda been a guy with a loose fitting batman outfit..

  4. Right then. I finally got a photo of me in the Opera t-shirt. It's in an album so you can compare how I look in it to how Annie looks in it. Three guesses who it fits better. The album's friends only though, so tough luck to anyone that isn't. :p

  5. Mik… never ever wear that shirt again.. unless you going to sport some make up and extremely tight jeans! 😀

  6. How about tights and a cape? 😀 I'll have you know my boyfriend thinks I look great in it. 😆 😆 😆

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