Are You Addicted To My Opera?

Do you have the sneaking feeling that you’re becoming addicted to the Opera community?

1) You nip online to check your new stuff while cooking dinner. By the time you’ve finished the house is a smoking ruin.

2) Your sticky posts take up the entire front page of your blog (mentioning no particular lizards).

3) Someone tells you a joke in real life and you say LOL

4a) You’ve created your own group and it has more members than Christianity.
4b) And you know them all by their real life first names.

5) People use your friends list to find new friendly people on the site.

6) Your voicemail’s outgoing message is “lv msg C2UL”

7) At 9pm you’re just about to come offline. The next thing you know it’s daylight outside and the birds are singing.

8a) You’ve posted more than twenty blog posts in one day.
8b) None of them were music, videos or pasted from another site.

9a) Your real life friends complain that you use the internet too much.
9b) So you post on the forums asking for advice on how to make them see how wonderful Opera is.
9c) As well as putting up a blog post about how “they just don’t get it.”

10a) Your pet is named Doomie71.
10b) Or your first born child.

11a) You know more than one person who’s been featured or interviewed.
11b) You’ve been featured or interviewed yourself.
11c) You’ve interviewed someone on here.

12a) You’ve won Opera merchandise.
12b) You’ve bought Opera merchandise.
12c) More than once.
12d) And wear it everywhere.

13) You’ve started learning a second language just to talk to more people here.

14a) You’ve posted more than a thousand forum posts.
14b) This month.
14c) More like this week.

15) You get confused when people offline call you by your real name.

16a) You’ve fallen asleep while online.
16b) While using Opera Mini. Now you have a phone-screen shaped burn mark in your chest.
16c) And you don’t mind telling people how you got it.

17) You come online after a day away and find 312 new, 87 messages waiting for you at the top of your screen.

18a) Someone has added you to their friends list because they think you look nice.
18b) And you’ve added them back, then joked about them with friends.
18c) Then felt really bad when you notice you’re their only friend.

19) You truly believe that the worst scum of the universe are PeOpLe WhO TyPe LiKe ThIs.

20) You’ve told someone who types all in upper case to “stop shouting”.

21a) You’ve called the Samaritans when My Opera has been down for an hour.
21b) Then set up a group to help other traumatised members when it comes back up.

22a) You have Opera Watch bookmarked and check it everyday to see when the new versions of Desktop, Mobile or Mini are out.
22b) Actually, Opera Watch has you bookmarked and checks everyday…

23a) Your blog has had more than 20,000 visits.
23b) You know because you check everyday.

24) While on the phone to someone you have to do something and you tell them you’ll BRB.

25a) You put up a message telling people you’re likely to be away for a few days.
25b) Because you’ve just started giving birth.
25c) And you were online when you conceived.

26) When someone asks you to repeat something they didn’t hear properly you tell them to scroll up.

27a) You’ve spent more than a week working on one blog post to get it just right.
27b) No-one comments on it and that really annoys you.

28) You read in the newspaper about someone being stalked in real life and wonder why they don’t just block them and report them to the admin.

29) You stopped noticing other people’s typing errors months ago.

30) You’ve read all of this and now think I’m following you around in real life.



110 thoughts on “Are You Addicted To My Opera?

  1. Yeah. Apparently my moving in my sleep was sending a load of gobbledegook into the chatroom. When I woke up it had disconnected but the screen was still showing the last refresh. Everyone was saying that I must be asleep and then they all typed WAKE UP! at me and that's when it disconnected. πŸ˜†

  2. Remi, really, nineteen? Wow! *backs away slowly* Okay then. :p Does that actually include number 19 by any chance? πŸ˜†

  3. πŸ˜€ Would you like one? I have one named Toomuchbeerandmacaroni..:devil: Ok.. now this is getting out of hand..:rolleyes:

  4. You're only as young as you feel.. :p And I shoulda said.. you SOUND like a old soppy married couple! πŸ˜†

  5. ONE – I'm NOT old, I'm 6 years younger than you.TWO – We aren't married.THREE – I LIKE TYPING IN CAPITALS.FIVE – I missed out FOUR -ELEVENTY – I've run out of things to say.

  6. I've seen a few of these lists spread round the internet and did what us webrats do best. Begged, borrowed and stole the best parts then tailored the whole thing to Opera, my experiences of bloggers and my own pet peeves, number 19 being a case in point. Why do they do it?! Aaargh!!!

  7. That was cute…and that too… They all apply to me…sadly. Gwad I am pathetic.Great list, did you come up with this on your own? nice. πŸ™‚

  8. yes,beeecauseeee I can only see a 12 year old trying to be cool doing that… lol…you see that a ton on MySpace. :faint: :yuck:I was blogging as soon as I joined in Dec. 2005. But I took the old entries off and started over at one point. ummm…do you count page visits or 'unique visitors'?

  9. 1,5,11 a,11b,12a,18a,19,21a,23a, and yeah that seems like it. lol :)I guess I am not too addicted, but it is more like….I want to do things in life that are exciting so that I can 'post pictures' and 'blog' about it. πŸ™„ You know how pathetic is that? Oh well. If I wasn't doing this I would be like……watching tv or something. It is not like I have a garden to plow or something…what else is there to do?? lol

  10. 23a, really? In a year? Wow, wonder what mine'll level out at.AnD dO yOu ReAlLy HaVe A pRoBlEm WiTh NuMbEr 19? πŸ˜†

  11. I'm going by the account statistics bit. This is where you tell me that's total page reloads and I get depressed, isn't it? πŸ˜†

  12. I only count unique visitors when I post, but the counter on my sticky is meant to see how many page visits in total, even though sometimes I'll have loadsa comments and it won't go up at all. Weird eh?

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