Anyone here interested in seeing a photo of the worst injury I’ve caused myself, or anyone else, while asleep?


94 thoughts on “Question

  1. Oh no, too few Chinese people here. Just use AzureTimm. It's ok.regards, a boy eating potatoes, Timm.

  2. Hmmm. The worst injury he caused me was to punch me in the face when I asked him if he wanted a cup of coffee. He was dreaming at the time and thought I was someone else. But we don't have a picture of that… OH! I know what injury he means! NOOOOOOO!

  3. Is this extremely gross, open wounds fat leaking out of it and you have absolutely no recollection of the incident? Then yes,. anything else is just standard..

  4. 😀 Expect anything from Mik.. :p It could even be a arsless Mik as he's lmao-ing.. (or is that lhao?) 😀

  5. Oh my, I have a story about a place just north of Mik's 'area'. I'm sworn to secrecy since I told someone in my family LOL LOL

  6. There was a little flap where it ripped my nipple from my chest. Healed now as ya can tell, but it scared the hell outta me to wake up next to my piercing. I was playing with the flap for an hour or so.

  7. You don't wanna know how much worse it can get, Clint..Ahem. Time for me to shut up…I've eaten lots of sugar and I'm HYPER HYPER HYPER!!!

  8. South africa isn't on the other side of the planet ya twonk. You're just south of us I think. Then again geography was never my strong point. I just follow my nose to find where I'm looking for.

  9. You woke up next to your nipple ring and there was blood everywhere and then you played with the flap for an hour????I KNEW I shouldn't have been curious! :ko::lol:

  10. I think I was in shock. Besides, Kim was playing midwife to her Gran's cat at the time and I wanted to see if it hurt as well. When I realised it didn't I was a little worried but more curious. Plus there wasn't all that much blood, just the redness underneath where my nipple was meant to be.

  11. 😆 Attila!Mik's got VERY expressive nipples. Just the other day, one growled at me for trying to take a bite of his dinner *nods*:eyes:

  12. Oh, but I like the name Zhang Chi. And I'm trying to do everyone by their real names, as much as possible.

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