About Television

We don’t watch television. Mostly it’s because we object to paying a licence fee just to get five crappy channels that we can hardly see due to the bad reception in this area. There’s still no freeview reception or cable in our part of this town either. And our landlords won’t allow us to get Sky, which doesn’t really bother us too much as we’ve had some bad experiences with them. So, we don’t watch TV.

So what do you do then?
I’m glad you asked. What we do for entertainment is to blog, play video games and we rent and buy dvds a lot. Sometimes it’s nice to stick on a comedy show while having dinner or simply as background noise, so we normally get tv shows. The other reason we get tv shows is how much you get for your money compared with films. When you buy a film, you’re normally getting between 90 and 150 minutes of entertainment. When you buy an american tv show it normally costs twice as much, but you get about seven or eight times as many minutes to watch.

That’s partly the reason we bought the first series of Ally McBeal yesterday. Not only was it on sale for less than a movie normally costs but it was boasting a 974 minute runtime on the back. So, of course, we snapped it up despite me not being entirely sure that it’d be a good investment. I don’t remember much of the show but I do remember thinking it was a tad “samey” for want of a better word.

Is this going somewhere?
Well, not really. I’m just happy that I was wrong. It’s a much better show than I remember. Not only that but it’s still on sale so we’ll be grabbing another series this week. Who needs television eh?


9 thoughts on “About Television

  1. but what? you are too tired? it's too late? agggggggggyou went to bed already! come on now, it is only 11 pm or so there, lol.I am getting ready to watch some tv as well…….*sigh

  2. best way to go… no TV. TV just shows a lot of garbage… and a few quality stuff… but mostly garbage! Funny, I wrote something about TV the other day, in my notebook, which I am still editing it, to post.It´s called "TV – The Devil´s Advocate" … Hopefully, I´ll finish it soon! 😀

  3. Unfortunately tv is my life.. can't go without it… I get over 52 channels but only watch about 17 or so when one of 'em shows something good as most times it's all crap.. dvd's is the best way to go.. especially when your pal works at the local video store.. crappy selection though..

  4. Ally McBeal was insanely funny…it's really nice to be able to watch a season at your leisure. We're doing that with Lost.

  5. The local video store (which doesn't stock videos but is still called that) is one of the few good things bout this crappy little town.Sarah, the last part of that no taste thing was "…but I've seen who runs your country so it doesn't need to be said." :p Sorry couldn't resist.Hi M, long time no see. How's that arsonist hubby of yours? 😆

  6. He's doing great, spending lots of quality time in the pub (he's Irish) and for a while instead of calling him flash we were calling him crash (after he rear ended some poor unsuspecting motorist) but he took offense to that for some reason 😆

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