Another 10 Second Film Review

We grabbed a few old movies the other day which a few people may not have seen. So, let’s have another round of ten second film reviews.

Brewster’s Millions
A guy has to spend thirty million dollars in thirty days and have nothing left to show for it at the end. Good fun, but terribly dated.
⭐ 4/5

Vanilla Sky
A man is in prison for murder and tells his very strange tale. Not as confusing as everyone says.
⭐ 4/5

Fun With Dick And Jane
A guy loses his job when the company he works for goes under. A typical Jim Carrey movie. Fun but sometimes over the top.
⭐ 3/5


13 thoughts on “Another 10 Second Film Review

  1. We were warned that it was confusing. Had a few theories about it but it was pretty straightforward to us. Then again, Memento was easy to understand for us too and most people we've met still don't get it.

  2. i haven´t seen Memento yet!!!! 😥 I know I know!!!! I will have to rent it, it is supposed to be brilliant! 😀

  3. Well, a ten pound note aka a "brown un" is roughly equivalent to eighteen U.S. dollars. Surprisingly I've just realised I have absolutely no idea what the currency of South Africa is. You'd think I'd have learned that somewhere?Oh well, looks like you get to teach me my new thing for the day. If you don't know conversion rates, tell us how much a can of coke costs. It's 0.5 pounds here.

  4. This much I know.. one dollar is equal to 6 rand just about.. this means (I think) one pound is roughly 10 rand.. And then a tenner is 100 rand which would make an approximate price of 1 latest release dvd..And a can of coke is 5 rand that would see your half pound and confirm everything I just said.. :p

  5. Sounds like we're using the same cash but with just a different name. Latest release dvd here is about 13 pounds so you're getting some stuff a little cheaper. 😀 Shall we set up a black market?

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