Read With Mother

Albert paced in the waiting room, back and forth, back and forth.
Finally a nurse approached him. “Congratulations Mr Ecklestone. You have a beautiful baby boy.”
Albert smiled widely. Six children, he thought, I’ve had six children with my lovely wife. He couldn’t get over it.
Later that night he called his wife “Mother of six” proudly. He never used her name again.

A little over twenty years later, Albert and “Mother of six” were going out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate their anniversary.
“Hurry up, mother of six,” said Albert, “or we’ll miss our reservations.”
His wife sighed, not for the first time.

After dessert Albert asked for the bill.
When the waiter finally brought it, Albert was shocked at the price.
“Bloomin’ ‘ell mother of six. You’ve eaten loads.” he cried out.
His wife, humiliated for the final time, replied loudly; “Not as much as you, father of four!”


29 thoughts on “Read With Mother

  1. Found this a couple of days ago, but I didn't like the way it was told. So, I rewrote it here. I like my version much better.

  2. I kinda remember this one: a teenage girl introduced her new boyfriend to her parents.. But later the dad tells her she can't date him because he's actually her half brother.Crying she told her mum who replied that she can date whoever she likes as she's not her fathers child..Or something like it as I was told this late night in the pub.. :p

  3. I got that one on the same feed as this one. Bang goes tomorrow's joke.:lol: Ya trying to sabotage me cause jokes are your thing.:cry:

  4. Fine, I'll quit the jokes. Jeez, not like I superglued a cap to my head then started kissing strange women… :devil:

  5. I never said you should stop! šŸ˜† And I don't wear that cap anymore.. :(as for the woman..:devil: you wouldn't believe the story behind that. (and no Mik, not the behind of the woman story) šŸ˜†

  6. šŸ˜† well.. Kim can tell ya.. At that time I wasn't as comfortable to share personal stuff..much has changed..

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