Man Kills Self

A few years back I was amused by a news story I read about a man who killed himself. It sounds awful doesn’t it? But bear with me, listen to the story, and it’ll all make sense.

The man who committed suicide threw himself from his fifth floor window, but that’s not how he died. In fact the fall wouldn’t have killed him at all. You see, the landlord of the building, fed up with suicides, had installed a giant suicide net under the second floor balconies. If the man had hit the net, he’d have survived. Unfortunately he was dead by the time he got there.

On the third floor of the building a man and his wife were arguing. This man decided to threaten his wife with a shotgun, but it went off as our suicide attemptee went past the window and blew his head off.

And this is where things get really strange… The man with the shotgun never kept it loaded, and in fact he regularly jokingly threatened his wife with it. It had become a running joke with them. Even stranger, the man he shot was his son. At this point detectives started looking for evidence to get a murder charge. What they found shocked them even more.

It turns out the son was the one who loaded the gun. After finding out how much he’d get if his parents died or were imprisoned, he bought some shotgun shells and loaded his father’s gun. Then he waited for his parents to have an argument, knowing that his father would threaten his mother with the shotgun. Unfortunately for him, his parents went through a particularly stable patch in their marriage over the next few months.

Frustrated, and spiralling further and further into debt, the son threw himself from his window. He never intended to kill himself. He simply wanted to draw his parent’s attention to how much he needed help. A few floors below his mother and father were having their first argument in a while. His father jokingly reached for his shotgun for the hundredth time as the son stepped out onto his balcony.

The parent’s argument was about how much money they should loan their son to help him get out of debt. Can you imagine their shock when they found out that their own son had planned the murder of the mother and imprisonment of the father?

The verdict was that the man had murdered himself by proxy, not suicide. Who says there’s no karma eh?


22 thoughts on “Man Kills Self

  1. that was a very sad story, very tragic. The son should talk his parents about his problem because parents might get angry but they will do everything just to help thier child. This is a good moral lesson to learn. Solving problem by yourself alone is really tough and can cause u trouble. That thinking was irresponsible, and not very smart thing to do.

  2. Wow, that's some story. I just read one where a guy killed his mother than killed himself by cutting his own head off with a chainsaw. :yuck:

  3. Nope, it's an urban legend, created by Dr Don Harper Mills. But I did read it in the paper reported as a true story, so it just shows how far these things can go.Moral of the story? Sometimes the stupid questions should be asked first.:lol:

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