Eye Test

I remember the first time I went to get an eye test. I’d been getting pretty bad headaches and a friend said I might need glasses. I was terrified. Glasses? How uncool can you get? Funny that. I’ve always found women in glasses to be attractive, yet I’m worried I won’t look cool in them myself.Β Stupid bloody kid.

I remember arriving at Boots opticians and being ushered into the testing area full of equipment that had obviously been designed to drill into the actual eye, or remove it. I looked up, down, right and left. I told the woman what was blurry and what was clear. It was a very thorough test. It must have been because the woman announced at the end that I had funny shaped balls and needed glasses to help me with my headaches.

The embarrassment was obvious on my face. She led me to the selection on the wall and helped me find a pair that suited my face. That night I went home and watched Men Behaving Badly. It was the episode where Tony gets glasses and nobody can stop laughing at him. Not good.

Two days later I picked up glasses and decided to try them out at work the next night. I suppose I was reasoning with myself that if they couldn’t stand up to the rigours of barwork, I couldn’t wear them. I was probably hoping they wouldn’t.

That night, nineteen women gave me their phone numbers.

Today I went for another eye test. The machines still looked scary. I’ve still got funny shaped balls. They told me my eyes have gotten worse and that I’m now short sighted. I’ve got some new glasses coming next week. This time around I’m not stupid enough to be scared to wear them though. I know I look good in them and the only embarrassment I have is how I reacted the first time.


27 thoughts on “Eye Test

  1. :eyes: Nineteen numbers!I've had glasses since i was about 5 – i can't remember what it felt like without them. They were also the dreaded NHS ones. As i was also short, skinny, bad at sports, uncoordinated, liked maths and was naturally quiet, it didn't help me be one of the cool kids. Fortunately these days i'm pretty presentable πŸ˜€

  2. I'd fallen prey to the glasses=geek thing back then. Probably something to do with still being a kid myself. That's one of the events that actually made me grow up. Strange eh?

  3. Hi Carol, I like myself in glasses now. I was just a punk kid when I first needed them. Got all these memories today during the test though.Mart, were those NHS glasses the ones with the wide black frames? I was short, fat, good at maths, liked reading etc in school until my thirteenth year. That's when the revenge started. :devil:

  4. Yep, wide brown/black plastic frames. Wore the damn things until i was about 12, then i got proper frames. My current glasses cost me Β£430, and the frames cost Β£160 of that.Revenge?

  5. I mean I hope they help your eyes, I hope your eyes get better with your new glasses. :)The eye doctor told me when I got my first pair I'd only need them to correct my eyes for a short time. I've been getting new ones ever since. So much for that ones opinion. πŸ˜†

  6. Bloody hell! What I didn't mention in the story above is that I quit one job, got my eye test and NHS voucher then started another. A bit naughty I know. Even then they were the most expensive pair I've bought at £85 after the voucher.Same thing happened to me Carol. 😦

  7. Mart, I went from being the short fat kid to being pretty much the size I am now when approaching my thirties. There was a lot of revenge to be dished out. My school's bullies learnt what it's like to have someone bigger hurling them around the place. I'm not proud of it, but if I went back in time, I'd make the same choice.

  8. Expect this only from Cois..Miks got funny shaped balls! πŸ˜€ *struts* out of context but definitly satisfying.. :p

  9. Nope, I didn't get glasses until I was out of school. I just made sure that each time they bullied someone, there was someone bigger than them ready to put them through worse.

  10. The comments and times of posts are set according to the person reading them. For example I'm posting this at 2:44am on the 1st of June at my end. But you'll read it as a different time and date because it is a different time and date for you. Your last comment on this post is dated 1st June 1:18am, but the server's an hour behind for me so it was posted at 2:18am my time. I think that makes sense.

  11. Ok, so than your evening posts say example 20:26:28 than?24 hour clock uh? I'm not used to it. Thanks again. Have a great night. πŸ™‚

  12. Thank you Mik, yes it does. Mine says on your last comment 31.May 2007,19:52:37 I wish I could get my posts to say the time like yours shows for you like 1:18am instead of what I call military time. I know it won't show the time the same on my end at the same time. I just mean how your time shows up & how mine shows up are differnt. Example of what I mean is on my clock on my blog. Thank you Mik. πŸ™‚

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