Pirates Of The Caribbean

I love my girl. She does these things all the time. Sometimes I really envy her sense of fun. Mine used to be the same.


33 thoughts on “Pirates Of The Caribbean

  1. Ok Mik, you can show Kim how you look as a pirate. You'd make a good one. Just think of the fun you two could have, you know, since she has a pirate fetish. :whistle::devil: me. 😆

  2. LOL Carol I know, silly, was just gonna thank ya for the compliment now, actually! Sooo, THANKS! 😆 :heart:

  3. You're right, actually. Mik wishes I'd give it up – I wish he'd dress up like one sometime… :devil: 😉 😆

  4. Think what Mik was implying was that he'd want me to do something… similar…VEEEERRY FUN rewards at that, too… LOL:D

  5. Nope. That's a phobia after the harsh treatment I had when you were naught but a twinkle in your father's eye.

  6. Let me guess. Moving this from friends only to public for the export added it to everyones watchlist, yeah? :rolleyes:The blood is mine. It was always mine. :awww:

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