Why Can’t The English Teach Their Children How To Speak?

Let me count the ways;

  1. The Polish furniture polish made the furniture shine.
  2. The elderly lead singer had no lead left in his pencil.
  3. The produce that the farms produce, feed the country.
  4. The refuse dump was so full that it had to refuse trash.
  5. A soldier stuck in the desert decided to desert.
  6. The ghost of Christmas present, picked a present to present to Scrooge.
  7. The invalid insurance hadn’t been paid so it was invalid.
  8. The nurse wound the bandage around the wound.
  9. The chair was too close to the door to allow the door to close.
  10. The wind was too strong for the sailor to wind in the sail.
  11. While running, a small tear in my muscle caused me to shed a quiet tear.
  12. The child spent the evening evening out his colouring in.
  13. The psychiatrist had to subject his subject to a number of tests.
  14. During the boat race, the oarsmen had a row about the best way to row.
  15. The object submitted to evidence was so gross that the lawyer had to object.

8 thoughts on “Why Can’t The English Teach Their Children How To Speak?

  1. Other languages have their own oddities. Genders, tones, strange absences of tenses, word orders, and so on. Nowt too wrong with english, and we don't want the equivalent of the Academie Francaise here. Shakespeare's supposed to have invented up to 5000 words for his plays.

  2. Really? I never knew that. Didn't hold Shakespeare in that much regard until I read Macbeth. Great story, nice twist.

  3. I wanted the song from My Fair Lady to be playing in the background while people read it, but I couldn't find it anywhere. 😦

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