The Stupid Are Everywhere

There’s an argument running in Britain at the moment about whether mocking someone over their hair colour is as cruel as racism. Hmmm, let me think for a second. If someone makes comments designed to inflict emotional pain on someone else and perpetuate the belief that a certain sort of person is inferior, then of course it’s as bad as racism.

For those of you who aren’t from this country, let me explain a little. For some reason ginger hair is hated over here. People have been attacked in the street for having it. Great country eh?

If anyone’s interested in this, here is the original article that prompted this post.

But this post isn’t actually about that. No, this post is dedicated to Katy from Yorkshire who commented on the article. I’ll read you her comment.

Well clearly it’s wrong to be prejudiced against someone because of their hair colour. Just as it’s wrong to persecute someone for any other reason – if they’re fat, or wear glasses, or support Man United, or work in McDonalds, or have bad skin, or listen to Daniel Bedingfield, or play in a drum circle… But it’s also funny, just as mocking Welsh people is funny. Racism is something completely different, historically and socially. The whole argument is complete twaddle.

I’d like to congratulate Katy on her enlightened view of the world. It’s great to see someone who believes that racism is something completely different from mocking Welsh people.


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