Hugh Laurie

If anyone’s reading this who’s never gotten around to watching House, then make some time for it. It comes highly recommended. And thanks to everyone that recommended it to me, you were right.

This is what I think of when someone mentions Hugh Laurie to me. Mad Prince George from Blackadder the Third. Sometimes it’s the role he played in Jeeves & Wooster, other times I get a vision of him dressed in women’s clothing for the comic interviews they used to do on the Fry & Laurie comedy sketch show.

That’s why it came as a bit of a shock to hear some women on here talking about him as a sex symbol. Upon investigation I found they’d been watching House, a hospital drama, in which he plays the title role.

We don’t have tv reception in the part of our street where we live. There’s about one or two channels we could get if we upgraded our antenna. That’s not important, but it does explain how we managed to miss out on House.

We’re on a bit of a holiday at Kim’s gran’s house and she has decent tv reception. Not only that but she loves House. So we watched it, and realised just what we’d been missing out on. It’s great. The natural innocent mischief in his eyes (used to great effect in creating stupid comedy characters) shines through his acting to make a basically unlikable character into a brilliantly watchable character that people are interested in.


9 thoughts on “Hugh Laurie

  1. Just checked, we have a show on here called House on are USA channel, I don't think it's the same one as yours though.

  2. I'm just 🙂 cause you got to watch it. I will see if we get it here. I think we do, on our BBC channel. I'll check it out. Thanks for recommendation. :up:

  3. It's a hospital drama about a diagnostician, if that helps?Don't know about awards. I've only seen three episodes so far and they're really good. Think there's a new one on later tonight on channel 5 if ya wanna check it out.

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