Hey Old Timer

Back in 1998 I set up a webpage for myself. Things were different back then. Community sites meant chatrooms, blogging was something designers did to enable bosses to keep an eye on their progress, the web was more about big businesses than individuals. Okay, maybe not all that much has changed.

Anyway, back to my webpage. I spent months putting it together in my free time at university. For it’s time it was pretty advanced for a student to make, but when I tell you what was on it you’ll laugh.

I had a black background with white text. There was a photo of me at the top left of the page, and that took up most of the left side of the page. Down the right hand side I had my Curriculum Vitae, with the courses I was on set to automatically update themselves on the day I finished them. And finally I had Moonlight Sonata playing quietly in the background. Didn’t take long until I removed the music as most people who tried to view the page got error messages.

That was it. My uber fantastic webpage that got me more job offers than I’d thought possible at the time. Now, I look around me, and all that stuff that took me months to research and code is being done everyday by thousands of people just on this site, nevermind the rest of the web.

So much has changed in less than a decade. It’s no wonder that this woman’s story struck a chord with me, despite the obvious differences.


27 thoughts on “Hey Old Timer

  1. :yuck: The New York Times, registration required. Where's my BugMeNot link? All i had at uni was a load of email addresses. And in the first year i had great fun trying to browse the web from Mosaic on a Unix workstation.

  2. …oh its true… So much has changed and yet so little.. its like a different packaging with the essence in tact!!

  3. I look at it differently. Back then if people told you that a site like this would become popular, everyone'd think you were mad. Online diaries? Who in their right mind would use them?

  4. Funny story – and good points! 😀 Isn't it funny to think back and remember how much time you spend making that homepage?! Especially when you compare it to how fast you can make a much more impressive one now? Welcome to the future 😀

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