Those that’ve been reading this page for a while know I’m addicted to mobile phones and use mine mainly as a data device. We don’t have room for a PC at home so I’m constantly trying to find new applications that allow me to use my mobile in more and more advanced ways.

But it’s always the simple things that elude us isn’t it? Instant Messaging has become one of the banes of my existance. Applications I download always seem to be either lacking in features or use very unstable servers. So I’m always on the lookout for new versions or brands of instant messaging applications and today I found a new one, eBuddy, which can be downloaded right here.

It’s only a beta version at the moment so I expect some more functionality from it as the version numbers rise, but it’s already a good messenger for MSN, Yahoo and AOL. I rushed through the set up quickly enough. Enter name *click*, enter password *click*, allow online *click*, accept dr launch as a contact *click*, hang on… He hasn’t shown up on either my MSN or Yahoo contact lists so I’m assuming that functionality hasn’t been implemented fully yet, which saves me a test. Thanks Doc.

As usual, I used Spleak as my test contact to play around with the features. You can send nudges and some basic emoticons as well as store a few quicktext messages for easier access. All of these can be accessed from both the options menu and the text input menu which is handy. Another nice touch is that the last message scrolls along the top of the text input screen, for easy reference.

That’s really about it for features, but what more do you need from an instant messenger? It’s fast (I tested using GPRS as my UMTS connection is pathetically unstable round here) and quite stable as well. I checked out eBuddy and it’s actually the new branding for the old eMessenger WAPsite. I remember that constantly going down whenever I tried to use it, so I’ll have to keep my eye on this and see if it suffers similar problems. So far though, I’d say it’s an excellent backup messenger but not quite there yet to be someone’s main choice. Definitely worth keeping an eye on though.


20 thoughts on “eBuddy

  1. i had bluepulse.its really slow on my phone. i have mig33 and honestly dont use it because the people i find there are all sick pervets.or anime junkees :yikes: here in south africa we have an application called mxit.there's alot i could tell about it.its the most popular app here.anyone wanting to know more just ask me.

  2. thanx drlaunch 💡 i tried that once and it didnt quite work. but i'll definitely give it a go again. :nervous: as the cliché goes… practice makes perfect.

  3. It was you adding me then, and not some weird set-up question? You haven't appeared on my list since I said okay. Weirdness.I'm not a fan of mig33 myself. It's all a bit cheap looking. For me production values count towards the experience. I can recommend Nimbuzz though. It's great on my w850i so it should easily work on your k800i.

  4. any tips for me? iv got a w800i and am here via opera mini v3.01. i have no idea how to get my profile pic on.or that lil pic you get with comments.also,when posting my blogs,i have a limit to which i can type.i have a pc but not the internet so this phone is my only method.help!

  5. Omg! I think I smelt someone saying my name here.I've been using bluepulse for mobile IM mostly. But a friend recommended mig33. I'm going to try that and eBuddy.

  6. I think you can take a photo of your self with Opera Mini if you want to have a profile pic. If you want any other pic, you'll have to use your PC.If you want to write longer blog posts, enable MMS blogging for your blog in your account section.

  7. As for the limit to what you can type, it's set like that in order to stop your phone freezing as you type too much for the memory to handle. I'm stuck with 5524 characters which is usually enough to get on with for me.If you really need more than you've got then when posting you can click advanced options, then preview. You'll be given another text field called post intro. Use that first then the normal text field and you'll double the amount that you can type. Hope that helps, or even makes sense.:cool:

  8. Tanya, if you're using a Sony Ericsson, there's a way you can get your photos up. In fact it's the way that I use. Goto your page address just using your WAP browser, not Opera Mini. It can take a while, but it allows you access to all your stored files.I've got somewhere around 200 images uploaded between my albums and files sections so it's worth it. The only problem is what it may cost you if you don't get free data.:D

  9. My network playing havoc with me.. :irked: Will try downloading it later.. You can't upload avatars or pics with the L7 either.. and text limit also set on 1024.. Life sucks.. this PHONE SUCKS! :insane: :bomb: :ko::faint:

  10. iv gone there but it doesnt allow me to log in.it says my password is wrong.was i supposed to log in.i will keep trying though.

  11. I tried Nimbuzz and it rocks! Only thing I'm missing is support for more than one account per protocol.But I also have the feeling that Nimbuzz makes my phone use more battery.

  12. I only really use my messengers from home where the phone's constantly on charge so I can't really add a view to that.I suppose as everything's stored on the server and it's always checking during chats (hence being able to see when someone else is typing) that it probably does use a little more data and power.

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