The Apple Mobile Phone


This is what Apple didn’t want you to see in all the hype surrounding their iPhone. The original 1985 concept for an Apple mobile phone.


32 thoughts on “The Apple Mobile Phone

  1. 1985 that would've been cutting edge. It was way before the StarTac invented clamshells phones. I reckon they should release it as a home phone.

  2. Either that, or they could make it tiny and release it as a basic mobile. It'd easily break into the Japanese market that hates the idea behind the iPhone.

  3. πŸ˜† ..I think the 2.5G 'Edge' may kill the iPhone πŸ˜₯ …analyst are saying (after a two week review of it) that it’s really slow to bring up web pages esp. with lost of photos :faint: & file sharing will be annoying too :(Plus there is no way to change that.. they would have to ship iPhone2 with 3G to make things right :irked:when all the hype goes down the real tech savvy users will & dump it in favour of Sprits or Versions’ 3G speeds.that's my thinking thus far.

  4. Yes, that's what I've been telling everyone who'll listen. A data heavy device can't ship with anything less than UMTS speeds. Plus 3rd party apps can't be put on there so you can't even put Opera Mini on there to speed it up a bit.

  5. It's the american network that stopped them adding UMTS functionality, because they haven't activated it yet. A load of the american networks don't even allow downloading of java apps, unless they're from the networks own site. No wonder americans are going mad for the iPhone if their networks are so messed up that most functionality from the phone is lost.If I was on an american network this page wouldn't be anywhere near as good looking as it is now.

  6. yeah that sucks.. we can't hope for Opera though.. that's outa the question for apple.. but the 3G should have been there :irked:

  7. …I am an America, and I cannot download Opera for any of my cell phones, or for my Mom's, friend's, of brother's phones. 😦

  8. Hmmm, headlines today mention a carbomb next to a nightclub. I know that area. There's a phone shop close…:eyes:

  9. I have a question… you know a lot about cell phones, do you know if the new iPhone is going to let people download Opera on it? :confused:

  10. Even with UMTS data speeds it's not as feature packed as it's competitors in the price range it falls into.:D

  11. yeah but it’s better looking overall & more intuitive, making every day tasks so much easier.. who wouldn't want that :confused: I'd pay a few extra buck for that :p

  12. Anyone else see the iPhone fuck up?Here's a great idea. Let's release a phone that you have to activate via iTunes, then have iTunes down for maintenance on the release day of the phone.:lol:Not so intuitive eh?

  13. No Java or Flash, i believe, and no possibility of Opera in any form. Only third party AJAX apps, which on anything other than 3G is dumb.Incidentally, a couple of the US providers do have 3G – just not the one they chose.

  14. πŸ˜† you haters! πŸ˜† so for y'all to embrace the iPhone it would have to be 3G – Run Opera & able to support Java or Flash or both?THEN you will consider it? Or is there more you're not telling me :irked: :lol:maybe the Flash & the 3G thing will come to pass in the iPhone2 but I doubt it will have Opera :faint:

  15. Why I Hate The iPhoneNot just Opera. It needs to be able to run all third party apps that get released. Take my phone, just in the games section I've got over 80 games that I downloaded from the free sites. If I can't get free stuff on another phone, what's the point? So yeah, it needs full third party support.Secondly it needs to be activated out of the box. I shouldn't need to have a computer to activate it.Thirdly, the walkman 2.0 software I've got in my phone gives a better sound quality than any ipod I've heard and now they're up to walkman 3.0 so that'll be even better. That's another downgrade if I get an iPhone.Plus using my phone I can download music and apps straight to the phone over the air. With the iPhone you need computer access to put those things on the phone.And finally, I really hate touchscreens on phones. My phone is my social life while I'm in a town full of morons and racists. It's my way of Instant Messaging, e-mailing and texting my friends. My link to the web. A touchscreen only device would wear out within a month of usage.

  16. I'd want more buttons. As it is, i feel like it should be bright yellow and be branded My First Phone. I listen to music a lot with my phone and without looking at the screen i start and stop tracks, adjust volume and change tracks.And yes, Opera for Mobiles instead of Safari.Oh, and the camera is crap.

  17. …OOps. I'm never good at actually paying attention to anything~! πŸ˜€ :up: I'm gonna go and check it out.

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