Who I Am

I’m really getting pissed off.

Someone gets to play silly buggers with me by having a go at my fiancee for no reason then removing us both from her friend’s list and blocking us from her blog. No-one has a problem with that.

I use this place as a bit of fun and a place to chill out. I wouldn’t allow someone to play games with me in real life so there’s no way I’m gonna willingly expose myself to it here. That’s the bit people can’t accept though. Suddenly I’m in the wrong, simply for ignoring the person. I’m not even having a go, just ignoring and not accepting half-hearted apologies that hint at this being my fault.

So, open invitation. Anyone who has a problem with me, just block me. Anyone that doesn’t, let me live life my way without inviting trouble in or suffering fools. And remember, just cause someone’s nice to you, doesn’t mean they’re that way all the time.



268 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. This is like a playground, right? A place where we can have fun, tell silly jokes and have a good laugh. Perhaps it's even a place where we can find some friends to hang out with. But even in playgrounds there is this kid that hits the other ones with a spade or throws sand on them. Ignoring that kid is the best thing you can do. :heart:

  2. Kim's fine. Hiya, long time no see. Still not back properly. Just nipping on. Yeah, I'm totally fine, LOL this person is pretty damn pathetic. I'm not sure whether or not they actually BELEIVE they're the martyr in all this crap, but they sure act like it and protest I'M the one to blame. Whatever. Long story, doesn't really matter. All ya need to know is this person seems to think Mik and I are as dumb as they are. Nuh-uh. πŸ™„

  3. oh Kim, honey… i'm so sorry to hear that :worried: but i'm glad you're okay. don't worry… i'll protect ya :knight: i like what Tilla said, and i agree with her. hope this person (whoever that is) gets what he/she deserves :bomb:

  4. πŸ˜₯ i'm lost… alone… and there's a werewolf here πŸ˜₯ help… if y'all love me… save me! save the :angel:

  5. Either Mik lost his phone (coz I don't think anyone would even TRY to mug him) or he's realy busy..What you guys reckon? 😦

  6. Why don't u call him, Fanny.He told me his phone number is 911. :pMaybe they just want a "get away from all the damn technologies in the world" time together…? πŸ˜€

  7. woo hoo i'm flyin' :hat: :wait: Esther, how are we gonna land? :eyes: :no:LOL you're back! where's Kim? :left::right: hey, what have you done to her? :irked:

  8. Thanks Carol. Fan, Kim's playing the Sims 2 – Pets at the moment. She keeps marrying the already made guys to get cash.:lol:

  9. :irked: That's the third sign. The first sign was non-dairy chocolate, discussed elsewhere on this blog.The fourth sign involves you in some way.

  10. :eyes: So your hissy fits could be all that stand between us and the end of the world?I don't remember that being a Buffy plotline…

  11. Kim!!!!!!!! U laughing at me too!!!! :no:Furie! Foul! Red Card! :mad:p.s. Welcome home you guys!!! *hugs*

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