That Little Bit Extra

A lot of video game developers these days seem content to just give you the game and start work on the next one. For those of us who’re shelling out forty or fifty pounds per game this is unfair. Personally I only buy games these days if I’m going to get an hour’s worth of fun for every pound I spend.

Which is yet another reason I love Resident Evil 4. Not content with giving us the story game (which took us 28 hours to complete on my first run through easy mode), they’ve thrown in plenty of extras. If you play on normal or professional mode there are new areas and creatures to fight. After completing the game you unlock two new weapons to try out. Also after completing the game, you unlock three mini-games.

Seperate Ways tells the story from the perspective of another character in the game. It adds new areas and a new boss creature into the mix. Completing this six to eight hour game unlocks another special weapon for replays of the main story mode.

Assignment Ada is a 1-2 hour game where you have to make your way from point A to point B, collecting 5 samples along the way. Completing this unlocks a special weapon to use in replays of Seperate Ways.

Then there’s The Mercenaries. You start off with one character and four levels. The aim of the game is to kill as many enemies as possible within a short time limit. There are time extensions hidden around the levels as well as bonus points, ammo and health. Getting a four out of five star rating on each level unlocks four further characters from both this game and the series history. Getting five stars with all characters in all levels unlocks the best special weapon in the game to be used in replays of the main story mode.

But even this isn’t enough for the true gamer. The true gamer sets his own challenges. Perhaps he wants to complete the game in under five hours? Perhaps he wants to complete the game without dying? Maybe he’s aiming for one hundred percent accuracy on the end game screen? Or, if he’s as egotistical as me, perhaps he’ll try for all three at once.

Yeah, this would be the part where you all worship me and start building a giant, golden Furie statue.

Just because something seems impossible on your first playthrough doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to improve your skills to a level where it’s possible.

Set yourself a challenge to get the most out of your games. After all, they cost so much these days that you’d be a fool not to.


2 thoughts on “That Little Bit Extra

  1. I've always found that going for 'perfect' scores in games ruins the enjoyment. I don't mind the 'find every secret area' or 'do every bonus mission' ones, but 'take no damage' ones are annoying. There are only a handful of games I've gone back and replayed to try and find everything. The only ones that come to mind are "Beyond Good and Evil" and "Wolfenstein 3D", although I'm doing the same with Deus Ex at the moment.

  2. I loved Beyond Good & Evil. Jade's my favourite character to control cause she does what she's told when she's told. So many game characters refuse these days.I'm talking about challenges for old and new games in the post. It annoys me when a game lasts six hours (I'm looking at you Gears of War) and costs so damn much. So the challenges are things people who don't play online can do. I'm thinking of trying a handgun only challenge next.

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