Gotta Love Trading

So, a while back we invested in all three seasons of Roswell on dvd for the bargain price of £7.99 each. That’s £23.97 for three full american series when they usually retail at £44.99 each.

It turned out to be one of the best investments we’ve made in a while. Not only did we both really enjoy the show but, once we’d finished with it, we took it up to the store and traded it in for seven pounds each. So, in essence, the show cost us £2.97 to watch it all at our leisure.

Recently we’ve been watching a lot of That 70’s Show after buying the first four seasons and we’ve just gotten the first series of Alias and Point Pleasant. I love the trade-in life.


27 thoughts on “Gotta Love Trading

  1. Tv series not films. It's more value for money than buying british seasons of things."Wow 6 whole episodes for only £25." Yeah, that's a bargain.:lol:

  2. No, somebody has been refusing to buy Doctor Who except from Amazon at Christmas when the proper box set comes out :irked:. Bastards.

  3. :lol:Poor y'all…U could have downloaded them like my Mom did with "Friends" for free… But u'd need a computer… :insane: And one hell of a large disk space on yr hard drive!! :p

  4. :oAwww… U got me there… I AM a kid!! I stole my Momma's photos and posed them as my own!! :cry:I'm sorry, Momma!!! 😥

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