Legends Of Lone Wolf

The world of Magnamund made it’s debut in the 1980s as a series of choose your own adventure gamebooks by Joe Devor. Making a departure from normal gamebooks of the time and their stand alone stories, the Lone Wolf books told one epic adventure story spread throughout 28 books.

The player started out as a young warrior-monk novice called Silent Wolf who is out chopping wood when his monastery attacked and his entire order wiped out. As he returns to find the devastation he renames himself Lone Wolf to honour his fallen comrades.

What follows is a gigantic adventure that will change Lone Wolf’s world as he is caught up in the middle of a war against evil, politics and intrigue and even leaves this plane of existance for several years. Over the course of his adventure he’ll attempt to master his own disciplines (a set of mystical abilities and advanced training), rediscover the lost lore of his order and rebuild the monastery.

As of September 2007, Lone Wolf is back with a bang. All 28 of the original gamebooks, as well as the four never before printed books are going to be republished by Mongoose Publishing. Each book shall come as a hardback collector’s edition with new full colour illustrations and several new elements mixed into the old stories to keep them fresh.

As if that wasn’t enough for old fans, a new wave is set to be created by the Lone Wolf video game currently in development in Singapore. From the sound of the feature set and the aim of the game, it should easily give Oblivion a run for it’s money.

There’s a few pieces of concept art and some character model shots from the game spread throughout this post, so enjoy.

For Sommerlund and the Kai!


6 thoughts on “Legends Of Lone Wolf

  1. Fighting Fantasy and Lego was as exotic as it got for me.Girls? Hm, i vaguely remember them…noisy things if i recall correctly…:whistle:

  2. Definitely. Fighting Fantasy ran the same kinda gamebooks and they've been rereleased recently. Coincidence they're making some DS games based on the most popular books.

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