Prince Of Persia

I thought my friends might appreciate this. Notice the resemblence?

Even the Prince of Persia gets hungry-faced once in a while.


72 thoughts on “Prince Of Persia

  1. Ah, had you fought her before? If not you've got another half of the game left. If you had, it's the final battle for the bad ending.The first one is indeed fiddly. Longest fight in the game. It's to give you the impression it's the final battle. Then you've got the rest of the story to go and it makes you think it's better value for money. Clever design eh?

  2. No, it was the first battle. After several tries i checked a walkthrough to see if i was missing something really stupid, which i wasn't, and found i was only halfway through the game. I've never gone back to it.

  3. :irked: @ not being told about this post!I played Prince of Persia when the graphics were much more simple than they are now. The first one, I don't know if you know it. It was fun then. I remember that the hardest "soldier" to beat was the fattest one. I fought the same scene over and over for weeks until I finally got him. :yes: I have bought the "Sands of Time", but don't think it's fun to play it.Nice expression, sir Prince Mik. 😀

  4. I loved Sands of Time. The prince was so camp. But every room was a huge puzzle. Totally relaxing gameplay until the under developed combat came in. Warrior Within fixed that but tried too hard to be extreme. The third in that series finally got the right mix of everything to make a great game.

  5. OK OK, Mik's "The Prince of Persia the Warrior Within" and I'm "The Prince of Persia the Fairy with Shades Within" 😛

  6. Ooookaaaay… Wouldn't a sexy picture of Mik cheer you up more? There's one particularly nice one in my photo albums.. 😉

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