In Gods Name

“Dad, is god a man or a woman?”

“God is both, son.”

“Dad, is god black or white?”

“God is both son.”

“Dad, does God love children?”

“Yes son, God loves all children.”

“Dad, is God, Michael Jackson?”


83 thoughts on “In Gods Name

  1. My status is the same as it was yesterday. It's probably the way your browser and the site integrate on the rendering front.

  2. When I change it it goes into your status. Go to my blog and than at the top hit status and type something, you'll see what I mean. Whatever you type will show up in my box.

  3. Must be down to the way the browser renders the page. The page is used to telling the browser that the new status is displayed under the photo, so for that reload only, that's where it displays it when on someone else's page.Cause Opera Mini translates the source of the page, not the page itself, it doesn't work via that.

  4. It is a bug, or at least an error. The section that displays the Status beneath the picture isn't user-specific – it's a control called 'mystatus-text'. The JS function that saves the status is told to update anything called that on the page.

  5. …Hm? Sooory. :(I was not really paying the comments any attention, as of yet. 😆 I just answered to the post….:looks back:Yup! He has a point, too!!! :P:happy:

  6. "… Oh it seemed forever stopped today All the lonely hearts in London Caught a plane and flew away And all the best women are married All the handsome men are gay You feel deprived …"Robbie Williams, Love Supreme.

  7. I :heart: RW!! What's more, I will post a link to here everywhere to create the Robbie Williams Fan Club here. ALL ABOUT ROBBIE AND ONLY ROBBIE.

    Robbie Is A Wanker!!!

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