As I’m sure my friend’s have heard I’ve had a shitty day. I started the day by finding one of our housemates stealing from us. Having confronted him about several different things before and always getting half-hearted bullshit apologies, I blew my top and had to resort to violence.

I was holding him one-handed by his throat (actually his windpipe with my fingers digging in) and lifting him off the floor and up against the wall. It’s been so long since I’ve met someone stupid enough to force me to be violent that I’d forgotten just how good it feels.

Kim’s never seen me like that before and part of me’s worried that it’s damaged our relationship in some way. She says it hasn’t, but I know how my face looks when I’m like that. It’s scared more than a few friends and girlfriends away before. It’s worrying me even though I know it shouldn’t.


24 thoughts on “Violence

  1. When I've been ill, I've been scared of you for no reason. You should know that I'm not by remembering how I act when I go off on one. If you'd scared me, I would have said so. You're not a violent person, and you'd tried everything else – it was the only thing that fat shit could understand. Don't be a twat. I've been out of sorts for ages – this has nothing to do with you. It's to do with my stupid ill head. Okay?

  2. The worlds full of assholes like him.. Unfortunately the law prohibits one to castrate them.. :(Best of luck to getting the bastard thrown out..

  3. i use violence only as a last resort,but sometimes it just can't be avoided. try not to seriously hurt the guy so u don't get in trouble.

  4. That bloody bastard! I am proud to say that I got to know you as a person and FOR SURE I THINK NO ONE WITH A LITTLE BIT OF KINDNESS IN HIS/HER HEART WOULD DARE TO DO SUCH THING AS THAT.Besides, stealing is WRONG!. And much more stealing from a GOOD person. I swear I am disgusted.And don't worry, I have gotten violent due to stupid twats more than once, is something I hate but just like you, I was forced by the other party to get in that state.A new week will start, so I hope, and I am sure, you will just forget all this as days go by.Hugs to you and Kim.

  5. I understand your worries Mik. Showing such a side of yourself must affect in some way. If it didn't it would be really worrying. I am sorry that it got that far, but some people are just not understanding to behave in a decent way around other people.I hope your landlord will help you getting rid of him so it will not come to a situation like this again!

  6. The problem with private renting is that it all comes down to one person's word against another's. No matter how much our landlords trust us regarding such matters they run the risk of being sued for booting someone "innocent" out. They've put him on a fast-track to a new place and have one ready for him now.Lesson of the day – Don't like where you're living and want somewhere better? Steal from people and get reported.To be honest I can understand our landlord's predicament. But at least I got to see the little fucker dangling helpless by his neck before he goes. And I could see in his eyes that he suddenly learned one reason not to steal.

  7. I'm fine now Issy. A little pissed at myself for enjoying it so much.Our landlord's agent came to see him earlier, but he was hiding. She found one of our other housemates who told her what I did to him and when he got to the grabbing by the throat part, she giggled apparently.Look's like I'm not in any trouble for that then.:D

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