I’m Addicted Now


112 thoughts on “I’m Addicted Now

  1. :ko: Gets outta comma.F*ck Mik! Stop hitting me or I'll tell me mummy!And NO it doesn't beat Lost. No one likes Queeroes, Everyone likes Lost… *thinks of wet shirts and drools*

  2. It's her split personality and how they portray it in the show. She'll be doing something and they'll show the reflection watching or doing something different. I'm only ten episodes in, so it may be something else in the end. So far the mirror personality is the only one of them with powers.

  3. I've watched the first season and it rocks! :headbang: You in for a ride Mik but I won't spoil it.. :p Dannii, are you having trouble with your sexuality? 😀

  4. what's with dannii? I love Heroes!! 😆 ..& MAN.. LOST is Great TOO!! :yes: …I can't hardly wait :faint:& oh yeah Doc.. that's the girl's "power" ..if you can call it that. the reflection is really her OWN person. :nervous: & she's bad as hell 😆

  5. :yikes: AAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUCH :irked:You cut off me balls eh! At least let me make fun of you touching them, hehe…There was no need to fondle them before cutting them off 😉

  6. I wasn't fondling anyhthing. I was moving your penis out the way and it kept slipping out of the tweezers.By Furie, # 21. September 2007, 22:14:54

    Yeah right :right Slipping in and out, in and out, iiiin and ouuuut…C'mon Furie, it was you holding the tweezers…IIIIIN AND OUUUUT.:p:lol:

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