Cheapest Mobile Phone In The UK

Meet the Sagem my150x mobile phone. It’s special, but not in the way you think. The NeoNTM screen is reminiscent of the digital watches we wore in our schooldays, with a blue-tinted display and blue text on a black background. Stylised icons make up the menu for the few essential features the phone has. Of course, this provides an excellent battery life compared to higher resolution full colour screens.

Despite it’s stylish looks the inside of this phone is as basic as they come. The phone has no internet browser, no java games, no bluetooth. It’s feature list includes text messaging, vibrating alert, speakerphone and 16-tone polyphonic ringtones.

Finally someone has designed a phone that is simply that… just a phone. Those of us looking to get Grandma mobile no longer have to worry about her blowing all her credit on the internet just because she pressed the wrong button. Previous efforts have been made to create an introductory phone for children and the elderly, but they always looked cheaply made. The sort of thing you’d find free in a fast food childrens meal.

Sagem however has hit the nail on the head with a beginners phone that’s light on features yet can stand up against the big boys for it’s simplistic slimline style.

And a simple phone needs a simple price to go with it. How does £10 sound?

That’s right… £10 can get you the Sagem my150x on Orange prepay at ASDA stores. Yes there has been one cheaper phone at Woolworths a while back, but it was only a promotional offer and soon sold out. My sources tell me that the Sagem my150x is exclusive to ASDA and will be a regular part of their line up.

So go on, treat someone you love to a stylish new phone this Christmas. You can afford it.


9 thoughts on “Cheapest Mobile Phone In The UK

  1. How do you mean mine? If you mean the review then yeah, but without all the complex features it's easy to give a decent review.All I'm trying to do is get the word out that there is an easy to use, cheap yet quite stylish phone out there.:cool:

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