Posing Pussy – The Boy Needs Love

The best cat in the world is trying out for his new porn career…

Every time he sees a camera near him he gets himself into this position. He adores publicity shots.


82 thoughts on “Posing Pussy – The Boy Needs Love

  1. As a kitten he did it when I went to take a photo and I laughed so hard and gave him such a fuss that he almost always does it now. Even sleeps like it sometimes.:cool:

  2. :sst: She'll do anything for her milk and cookies…He's my big soft boy and he gets all the belly rubs he can cope with, and then some more.

  3. Then I am not interested. Cats with drinking problems is not really me, and it's always some pretty important bits they miss… :left:But I'll still rub his belly!

  4. He's "the boy" to everyone now. He's such a people cat. Likes being carried like a baby. If any of you came round here now he'd be all over you as soon as he met ya.

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