Paying For A Name

That’s right, an Armani phone joins the Prada in the over-priced, under-featured range. Read the full story right here.

It seems like anyone who’s anyone is racing to release a phone these days as consumers become more and more willing to part with their cash for less. Which may be a problem in the future. After all, why should any of the big names design new features when they can just add a well known brandname to a lesser featured phone to guarantee sales. Don’t fall for it is my advice, else mobile technology will get stuck in a rut and you’ll be paying through the nose for an Spongebob mobile with the same specifications as the Nokia 3210.


26 thoughts on “Paying For A Name

  1. Pretty doesn't mean it's got what it takes. Using myself as an example, I'm so ugly I can't show my face without Clint running for the hills, but what's inside shines brightly.:rolleyes:

  2. Not at all, i like lots of buttons on my phone. This phone is slightly prettier than the iPhone in my eyes – and it's got TWO buttons! :pBut i'm still about as likely to buy one as the Pope is to sponsor a brothel.

  3. They've changed things so that you can't edit a comment more than 24 hours old :irked:. Not only that, but you can't delete them either.Another fuck-up :mad:.

  4. Ah ok.. i'll just see about importing.. I'll only want a few choice smileys.. like a drooling and a capman smilie.. or combined.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Stuck with them for a while.


    still works for importing smileys, but that particular one you used seems to have expired at that address.

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