Shopping Trip

We went shopping today. Hooray!!!

This is the pile of manga books we got. That’s the first three Death Notes books and volumes two to five of PhD.

These are my new shoes. Hooray for cheap closing down sales.

And finally, a rare treat in a new photo of me. This is me thoroughly enjoying the ridiculous amount of sunlight blinding me on the bus journey home.

Hmmm… I need a shave. Back later folks.


47 thoughts on “Shopping Trip

  1. Thanks you Kim and Scary Tasmanian Devil ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah, but.. By the way, I would like to change the lions for naked blokes and the castle towers for cocks :lol:The Gay Coat of Arms of the Cรณrdoba Family of Spain.Sounds much better! :yes:

  2. Ever saw that "nap" episode on friends with Joey and Ross? :whistle:They slept together and yet we know they weren't gay :right:

  3. FINALLY got here, :lol:~Nice!!! DEAHT NOTE, w00t~!~!~!I dressed as L to answer the door for Halloween… :devil:I even have a real live Death Note to complete the outift. :D++ (eight bucks at an anime convention. :happy:)Is PhD good? I read the first one, but don't have enough money to buy everything, haha!And nice black sneakers, too. ๐Ÿ˜› Black is the best color. It kills all of the other colors!!! :devil::lol::D//

  4. I look like a gothic musician 24/7. So for halloween I've been torn between a reaper or an evil clown. You guys'll just have ta wait ta see what I pick.

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