Happy Halloween


193 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. :D. It's ok. "fat headed blood hound with body of flucked chicken-Clint" had his shots.*pats ugly doggy on top head and bites his tail*:left:

  2. 😥 I dunno when actually Hallowe'en is!!!! :cry:I mean, people has been talking all the week and I don't wanna ask and look stupid!

  3. Excellent! :up: It's slowly coming together into how I envision it. The rhythmic pulse of humanity stripped away and replaced by darkness should warn people about you lot who comment here… :p

  4. It was my original plan to have a sort of lightning effect going on so it showed the lit picture at seemingly random intervals. But I couldn't do that online, I had to download the photos and make it into a short video. As I said, that took 14MB and was way too large for how short it was.Kite taught me how to do morphs for my avatar, and I just used the same package for the banner. I think the effect works even if it's not exactly what I'm looking for.

  5. Ouch on my poor dialup connection again – a 1.7MB banner. That still seems a lot for what it does, but it's a cool idea.Fortunately, it looks like I'll have broadband in three weeks :up:.

  6. Cool. If you've got any ideas to cut the size of the file down I'd be happy to try them, as long as I don't need to download anything new. :worried:

  7. I've nothing that can get at the individual frames either. But if I cut down the total amount of frames used in the morph loop it should get smaller, logic dictates. I want to keep the pulsating effect though so I'll have to be careful. I'll get on that tomorrow and hopefully return the eye as well.

  8. I'm afraid my knowledge of art packages and related things starts and ends with Paint. I've downloaded your GIF to my desktop, but I haven't actually got anything to get at the individual frames with.

  9. Happy Halloween to u too…And take off that mask! It's bloody scary!:eyes: Watcha mean u weren't wearing any masks?? :left::lol:

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