Wish Me Wrong

Let me tell you about why I’m almost always right. You see, I’ve got these instincts. They’re not uncommon, after all, everyone’s got them to a degree. The thing with mine is that I tend to be right almost all the time based on my first impressions. Whether it’s about people, films, games or things I’ve seen in the news, my first impression always tends to be correct. I enjoy the film or game, the band isn’t heard of again after being described as the best band ever, the butler did do it with the candlestick in the library. And each time I’m right about the news the world gets a little darker and a little more sinister. It’s getting to the point where just once I’d like to be wrong, for your sake as much as mine.

Which simply enough brings us to this little girl. I’m sure she needs no introduction as she’s been in the news constantly since disappearing half a year ago.

What’s she got to do with my instincts? Well, from the very first day that it was reported that she’d gone missing I’ve been adamant that the parents had something to do with it. Something about the whole situation felt wrong to me. Sinister even. And now, as the months roll on I see more and more people starting to think the same way. Everything the parents do seems aimed to delay the police forces from finding their daughter. Everything seems slightly wrong for people in that situation. More like evidence of guilt than worried parents.

My instincts have always told me that they were involved in the little girls disappearance, but now it seems more and more likely that they’ve either sold her or killed her themselves. And the world gets darker again. And once again I feel like it’s partly down to me believing it that made it be true.

Just this once I’d love to be wrong and see the girl show up alive and the parents exonerated of any blame. Just once I’d like to see a little light shine in the world. Is that too much to ask – to be wrong, just once? For the sake of that girl, I hope not.


37 thoughts on “Wish Me Wrong

  1. Yes. There are so many things that a loving parent would do or not do that these people did the opposite of. It's… suspicious.

  2. The story sounded fishy from the begining. I mean, which parent would leave their children alone in a holiday apartment to go to dinner?I'm like you guys when it comes to instincts and first impressions, and when i saw the parents on tv the first time, i had a bad feeling about them, but, i gave them the benefit of the doubt… …however in the past few months, since the whole laptop issue and the DNA traces in the hired car, i've taken heed of my initial impression of them, and seriously think they are the sole cause of Maddies disappearance. I also pray that i'm wrong and that i'll feel like a shit for doubting them… but there's just something there that is …wrong!

  3. And don't ya just feel guilty for expressing your thoughts about it? It was the going out for a meal and not getting a babysitter for such young kids that made my alarm bells start ringing. Especially as these hotels have professionals on hand who will do it for a tenner, and are trustworthy.

  4. Well you aren't alone. As you well know – My first impressions are almost always right with people I meet, either online or in the real world, and I'm often right more than you there.News is your speciality. You're almost always right there, right when a story is new and there's not much information about it.I wish people weren't as horrible as I suspect. Even though I'm usually right, I ignore my first impressions and give people the benefit of the doubt and 95 percent of the time I feel like a fool for ignoring the feeling that a person is no good.I hate what people are becoming.

  5. All it takes is discipline going too far, or maybe just basic old-fashioned abuse, Kerst. The child dies. They cover it up. That's the optimistic view. There's also the child slave trade to take into account and many other things that are just too depressing to contemplate. And wouldn't it be just like the british to do something like that in a "stupid foreign" country that'll never catch them. šŸ˜”

  6. Part of the problem now is that just finding a body wouldn't be enough. Unless they find her alive, or find both the body and her killer, they'll be under suspicion for the rest of their lives

  7. I just hope and pray that she is found, than may-be there will be answers. In the USA the news is so quick to judge because of what I believe happened in the Susan Smith case. So when two girls went missing after that the news said they it is like Susan Smith. Polly Klass and Jessica Lundsford were taken from their home.

  8. I'm not at that point yet. I think half the confusion is because the portuguese police seem to be saying a different thing every day.It isn't common for me to believe early news reports either – they're almost always wrong.

  9. I totally agree. Too many alarm bells going off…And yeah, i do feel a bit bad for expressing how i feel, cause like you said Mik, it's almost like If you say it, express it, it will come true! A while ago, some user, i forget his name now(i think he was a priest or something), posted a comment on my post about Maddie, with a link, asking for people to join together, support and pray for the parents. I got a bit mad and deleted his comment. I mean, it's NOT about the parents, it's about Maddie. I don't care what happens to them…I want to worry about Maddie.

  10. Well, Kimmie knows what I think: I also think the parents are involved.And no, I don't believe early news reports either, but this has been going on for long time.If the parents are involved then they are not human beings, not even beasts for they would have the decency to tell where she is and what did they do with her.

  11. I'm having trouble keeping up with comments here so this is gonna be quick and ugly. Carol, never heard of them but once I've cleared my watch list I'm gonna Google the names. Dan, sounds like your instincts have been set off here too. Mart, if they're innocent that'd suck to hell and back. They'll be the new Ramsey family.

  12. Callya, I've never been a fan of prayer circles. I remember seeing someone on here, when I was new, trying to get Christians to pray for someone Muslim who was ill. And I thought, I'd be insulted if that was me. People never pay mind to others religious views when they pray. It's more about comforting themselves in the times they can't help and feel helpless, than it is doing good for others, with the added "I helped" factor at the end. That's my view on it anyway. I'd be interested in anyone's counter-argument.

  13. I don't know…why would they be involved in the dissappearance of their own daughter? I don't think that they would act in such way… They would not play with the whole world, go and meet the pope to get strength… no no no, they are not part of her dissappearance šŸ˜¦ I don't think they are… :confused: but only (the real) God knows! šŸ˜‰ and the truth will be revealed! šŸ˜€

  14. "That's my view on it anyway. I'd be interested in anyone's counter-argument."Well Mik, you know I beleive in God and Jesus, I believe there is power in prayer. I also know your belief, I respect that as I know you respect mine. As for prayer circles, I don't know much about them. I just know I pray for alot of things. The times I pray for help for others is, not for me anyways, feeling at the end I helped. When I pray for others it may-be that I feel helpless for not beiging able to help any other way. I just feel that when I do pray it helps. No matter if it helps me to understand or give me comfort in things that I can not understand. I mean, I hear people say God did not answer my prayer when their prayer didn't go their way. Well, it's not an easy thing to understand but God does answer, not always in a way we think is right. See, there is, I believe things God wants us to learn about Him and it isn't always easy to understand. Sorry, it's hard for me to explain. I said enough I guess. Hope you understand what I'm tring to say.

  15. I sort of get what you're getting at. But the fundamental difference is that you believe and I don't. With belief my views seem naive, without it yours do. It's a no win situation I'm afraid. But some good does come out of it in the fact that two people with such different opinions can respect each other's views, without burning each other as heretics. šŸ˜†

  16. I understand where the christians come in with their prayer circles, in that it's believed that there is power in prayer, and when done in a group or "mass" it is more powerful. While i've chosen to follow a different path to my christian upbringing, i do still have some christian values and beliefs…BUT, to me now, religion, of any kind, is a personal matter that should not be forced on anybody. That guy who put the pray request comment on my blog post made me mad cause, firstly at that stage i was more than a little suspicious of the parents, and secondly, he ASSUMED that i'd be of "the faith to join a prayer circle" …and i agree Mik, some good does come out of it in that we can all discuss this without burning each other at the stake :p

  17. Yep, I used to focus a wicca group back home. People were blaming them in the local papers for a string of pet murders around the town and I helped them clear their names to a lot of people. Just teen girls looking for something better than getting drunk and sleeping around like their friends do, and that's the treatment they got. :irked:

  18. Mmmm… I sense a juicy post coming on from you Mik :up:Ah! Religions, love to talk about them! I don't practice any, I practice them all, no I don't.I respect them all. That's for sure. Sometimes I don't. Religions put me in a really weird mood. A good one. I understand, I don't.No, I am not drunk. I'm just trying to make a point on something so hard to explian šŸ˜†

  19. Power en masse eh? Sounds like something you'd get burned for a few years back. Hmmm, I should do a post about how different religions have treated each other in the past sometime. Inspiration comes in the strangest ways.

  20. That it does Mik. But do you know how scared i am to tell people here that i'm wiccan or eclectic. About a year ago there were still people hunting down "witches" and killing them. There are still a hell of alot of people who are very narrow minded.

  21. I've been following these comments and see that different people have different views.. the thing is just how well religious views are sold that could make them plausible..The little girl? personally I believe she's gone.. parents to blame? could be.. but also couldn't because sometimes what we get in news are one sided to add to the 'thrill' of making something news worthy..Do I make sense? not if you don't want me to..

  22. That's true Cois, I remember the media here jupming all over the place say this guy killed his wife before there ws an investgation. Well, I didn't think he did it but alot of news people were saying he was getting special treatment because he was a rich lawyer and they thought he did it. Well he didn't. A teenage boy did. I never heard any of the news people say they were wrong let alone sorry.

  23. And that's the crux of the matter.. people follow the media so blindly because they print fact.. so sorry but that is so not true.. The person writing that article is entitled to his opinion.. He or she highlights the 'juicy' bits to (so to say) get more 'hits.'People love a story and media makes money with that fact.. no story.. no selling..If no suspects (guilty or innocent) is brought forth then the story dies.. The parents may be guilty as hell or they may be innocent.. just show me what media medium is parading some facts that point to their innocence..

  24. No, I find your comment… offensive? Yes, offensive and I'm deleting it now. How dare you disagree with me.Hmmm, that's spookily accurate to a few things I've seen on the web. Yeah, news companies do sensationalise things all the time, which makes them unreliable.As for religion, I always like the idea that a book containing real life descriptions of a set of events, including a man returning from the dead, could influence peoples ideas of right and wrong. Imagine civilisation coming close to extinction, with histories lost but language retained, and the new order finds a copy of Dracula and builds a religion based on it.

  25. If we just follow something blindly without questioning everything then what's the use of reasoning ability? Why do teachers follow the curriculum blindly? because its the easiest way.. why do people follow their faith so blindly? same answer.. why do people follow the news and believe every f'ing word? because its so easy and the masses love being fed bullshit without even looking deeper into it and getting different views..

  26. @kimmie – "I hate what people are becoming."People are what they used to be for a hundreds of years ago – a little bit has changed during centuries in peoples` character. The fact is, now there are a lot more people than ever and the bad things became more obvious. And, more players – the bigger game becomes. Just take a look at everyday news – domestic and foreign. And even the flow of information is controlled, you can never be 100% sure everything is as it says. Believe me, I have had a lot of opportunity to see it, in service of a daily politics.But I know there are a lot of good people in a buch of bad and average – a lot more than we presume. This is a jungle and you must be a good hunter to survive.I didn`t want it to sound so dark, but this is how our world is organized.

  27. my question is this…if she were in fact kidnapped…then y the hell were the other 2 children (younger) left there and not taken alsothat don't make ne sense whatsoever

  28. This is a bit icky to get into, but in general I agree with you. I hope one of these days you'll be wrong about something. Anyting. And that I'll be there correcting you :D.

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