Ban The iPhone


The German unit of Vodafone Group PLC (VOD) has obtained a restraining order against Deutsche Telekom AG’s (DT) T-Mobile unit prohibiting the German telecommunications giant from selling Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) iPhone in Germany.

The restraining order was issued by a regional court in Hamburg Monday, a Vodafone Deutschland spokesman told Dow Jones Newswires.

Vodafone is questioning Deutsche Telekom’s iPhone sales practices, the spokesman said. Deutsche Telekom is marketing the iPhone exclusively in Germany.

Specifically, Vodafone is questioning the iPhone’s exclusive use in T-Mobile’s network and the use of the device being limited to certain fees within T- Mobile’s subscription offerings.

Vodafone isn’t generally opposed to T-Mobile’s exclusivity contract with Apple, but wants to have these new sales practices examined, the spokesman said. The restraining order doesn’t aim at a total sales stop, he added.

A spokesman for T-Mobile Monday confirmed the restraining order has been issued, adding that the company is examining the issue. So far, it is too early to comment on possible consequences for the company, he said.

About bloody time I say. Most countries have had laws against keeping phones locked to one network for a while now and Apple has been going against those laws by keeping the phone exclusive to the highest bidding network and killing unlocked iPhones with their software updates.

I’m glad that Vodafone has won this in Germany and I hope it marks the beginning of a turn against Apple’s blatant disregard of the rules set up to guarantee fair play in the mobile technology market. The iPhone in Europe has some wonderful features but they’re mostly crippled by keeping the phone locked to one network and not allowing it to reach it’s full potential.

Everyone knows I’m not a fan of the iPhone, but that’s mostly because it doesn’t match my practical needs, is low on features and has been stripped of much of it’s potential by Apple keeping it exclusive to one network in each country. Taken as a good looking high end fashion phone, it’s one of the best. Sure it’s not as good as a Nokia n95 in many ways, and has had some stupid design decisions made (only a two megapixel camera and no high speed data, for instance), but I’ve gone over those shortcomings many times before. The fact remains that the iPhone’s chief weakness is the way that Apple have been selling it. Perhaps now it can reach it’s full potential.

PS – I still don’t like it. πŸ˜€

This just in from Engadget – 20th November 2007

Italian site Morse.IT claims to have spoken to high-level sources and “confirms” in no uncertain terms that Vodafone has signed an exclusive deal with Apple. Right, the same company currently suing T-Mobile in Germany for their iPhone exclusivity. The launch of the 3G iPhone would occur simultaneously in all countries where the carrier operates but will not be announced until after the holidays to avoid impacting sales of the existing iPhone. The timing chides well with other rumors calling for a 3G release before May.

This just in from Reuters – 21st November 2007

T-Mobile said on Wednesday it will offer the iPhone without a T-Mobile contract for 999 euros ($1,478) at its shops.

It will also allow those customers who bought an iPhone since Nov. 19 to unlock the device free of charge so it can be used with other SIM cards. However, that will not enable customers to make use of all the functions that the music-playing and Web-browsing device offers.

T-Mobile has an exclusive deal with Apple to sell the iPhone in Germany, where Apple has no stores. Until now, customers had to sign up to a 24-month T-Mobile contract costing a minimum of 1,176 euros in order to buy the 399-euro phone.

A German court granted Vodafone a preliminary injunction this week preventing T-Mobile from locking the iPhone’s SIM card to T-Mobile when making a sale.

T-Mobile said it will comply with the injunction until the situation has been clarified by a court.


37 thoughts on “Ban The iPhone

  1. What Apple's doing with the iPhone shouldn't be legal.Anyway, πŸ˜† . The search field on the iPhone screen says "Eat up Martha". That's was what came out of a screw up Microsoft did once with a demonstration of their speech recognition.

  2. πŸ˜† I did wonder what kind of freak was using it. Had a vision of a guy who's a feeder to one of those really fat women.

  3. That's the thing about the iPhone. All of it's selling points I can do with mine anyway or really don't like the idea of (full touchscreen for example would kill my social life on here). And then there's the problems to take into consideration. Slow data running a full web browser (7 minutes to complete a Google search is ridiculous), no 3rd party apps etc etc. And then there's the fact that no-one carrying one of those is gonna feel safe showing it off anywhere.Now the phone Kim and I are both upgrading to next year is a smartphone with all the latest crap on or in it, but it looks like a basic series 40 Nokia so that's safer. Plus it outperforms the n95 in some respects (notably having a faster processor) and matches it in all others except the lack of GPS. And, it's CHEAP!!! <—Main reason for buying!

  4. πŸ˜† Simple as basic match eh.. cost will always be a factor.. mine is setting a goal and striving towards it.. i'm kinda sick of having a crap phone whose features I get bored of in a day..Unfortunately cost also prohibits me from getting something to play with that'll keep me busy.. but this doesn't mean I'll pay for something way overpriced and over rated..

  5. Definitly.. but then again most people buy a phone as a accessory and the poor phones capabilities are lost.. I mean.. there's a guy with the latest mobile and he brags about all the features but don't even use them.. Then you get guys like us that would push a mobile past its limits.. In the end its only worth as much as what you do with it but c'mon! don't be fooled by flashy gimmicks and a astronomical price..

  6. (full touchscreen for example would kill my social life on here).By Furie, # 22. November 2007, 00:35:26

    Explain please. :yes:

  7. Basically I need a keypad to type with. Touchscreens give you a full QWERTY keyboard but because it's so small on the screen it's basically useless for anyone with man-thumbs. It'd take twice or three times as long for me to type anything with a touchscreen device, which would slow me down so much that I'd be unable to comment on most things here, and be so fed up of typing that my posts would be tiny and badly written.

  8. that is a problem with keypads on cell phones, they don't accomodate the fact that men have bigger fingers than most women do

  9. No pun intended there. My thumbs are a blur when I'm typing and I can do it without looking. Most of my posts are made when watching tv. Did I mention one of my old friends was the british texting champion a couple of years ago? I like to think that trying to keep up in conversations with me helped her get the title. πŸ˜†

  10. Actually, a stylus wouldn't work with the iPhone at least, because the screen is designed to work with a finger meaning it reads some heat and electrical stuff as well as pressure. That means that styluses don't work and if you're wearing gloves in cold weather that won't work either.

  11. πŸ˜€ That's why I'm getting a smartphone. Auto answer phone followed by text sending to people that call at stupid o'clock. πŸ˜†

  12. hmmm.. can it be timed to send at hourly intervals for the rest of the night? sounds like a super feature..:devil: oh the fun I would have..

  13. you have texting championships?:eyes: Oh my oh my I want a piece of that! πŸ˜€ just shows you how limited the iphone is that it doesn't even make enough provision for the little things.. from the pic it looks majorly uncomfortable..

  14. Aaargh!!! Your kitty avatar keeps doing weird things. Now it's typing instead of just sitting there like normal. And on Tilla's page it was flashing different colours…

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