Drugs And Music – Bill Hicks

This is my all time favourite comedian doing my all time favourite comedy routine. It’s a little dated now, but still fucking hilarious. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the late Bill Hicks with his Drugs and Music routine.

Also available for mobile phones. Just click this link and choose the first video in whichever resolution you think suits you best.

And don’t forget, SUCK SATAN’S COCK!!!


24 thoughts on “Drugs And Music – Bill Hicks

  1. :yikes: A smartphone without a memory card is like a pack of smokes with no lighter. So close to giving you pleasure and yet so far… It's a tenner over here for a 1GB memory card. How much in SA?

  2. What is a smart phone? :confused:Why can't I see the Java thingie? :confused::confused::confused::confused:And most important: SUCK SATAN'S COCK???? :insane:

  3. I'm gonna have to start including memory cards on my posts aren't I? It'll be like Wonka tv. You just reach into your phone screen and pluck a memory card from the post itself. :D*starts dreaming of magical phones*

  4. 😆 well I decided to leave the memory card for now as its included if I get the N70.. just need to push a couple of buttons still, toggle some strings and I just may have a merry xmas after all.. 😀

  5. 😆 I'm not even taking THIS one out.. not out drinking anyway.. and I feel flipping naked without a phone mind you..It just takes one asshole eh.. :irked:

  6. Aaah, forgot about that. Bad joke. Least I know where the details came from. :awww: Hmmm, but that means… It was Callya??? :eyes:

  7. 😆 Told ya I can laugh about it.. kinda :p Callya is the fiend! 😡 armies of the PPAPSF (phone people against phone stealing fucks) unite and stone her with year old marshmallows!:rolleyes:

  8. I loved Bill Hicks. He was always on a rant about stuff like that. But this is my favourite rant of all time. He was a genius."Hello Hammer, back again?"

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