My Perfect Woman

I’m just about to go to bed, but first I’m gonna have a smoke. Kim’s already asleep so I tried to be extra quiet as I picked up our lighter and ashtray. Unfortunately I’m a bit clumsy so I managed to clink them together near her head.

And that’s when it happened. The noise made her start talking in her sleep for about ten seconds. And she was talking about phones. My perfect woman in more ways than she’ll ever know.



164 thoughts on “My Perfect Woman

  1. Awww… You're such a lucky bloke, and you deserve it sooooo much! I really admire ya bud. 😀

    I'm a bit clumsy so I managed to clink them together near her head.


  2. She was talking about screen resolution and better downloads. :happy:Carol, I learned that phones use servers to get online and that those server's IP's show up on Hitslink not the actual IP of the phone. I should have known that, but didn't and had to learn when the IP of the server I (and millions of others) use showed up on Aidan's name and shame post. Until that point I'd thought that was my IP number and I thought someone was playing silly buggers with it.Cheers Dannii-boy. I know it and appreciate every moment until it all goes to hell as life usually does when a guys having a good time. 🙄

  3. You plan on growing up Clint? :yikes: Carol, I had a bit of a panic about it before finding out the truth. Darko, it was brave of me too. She can be mean. :left::right: I don't think I've had any of those Mart. We seem to get an IP number for you.

  4. :happy: to hear you are happy Kimmie. :D:lol: I won't say it. Bad me…………:lol:Hiya Mik. 🙂 Glad the panic is over now. 😀

  5. Not turned on… much. It's just sweet to know my sleeping girl talks about them. It means she's dreaming of me, or some other phone geek anyway. But I'm the prettiest of them all so it should be me. :happy:

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