Mass Effect – Trebin Vacation

The galaxys worst criminal had to answer to me. The council had sent us after him and I wanted to bring him in fast. It’s just… Well, this is the first time I’d had command of my own ship, and the crew were restless. We needed some shore leave and I knew the perfect place.

We set down on Trebin in the early hours. It’s a nice little planet. There’s a human run mining base there and I figured a few hands of poker would really ease some tension. Almost as soon as our landing craft set down we picked up an anomaly on our scanners. Further investigation revealed a transmitter set to scramble satellite systems and crash them on the planet. We disabled it and headed towards the base to see if they knew anything about it.

On the way we came across a crashed satellite surrounded by people. They immediately opened fire. Scavengers. They’ve been crashing satellites and stripping them of parts so they can make a quick credit or two. As we resume our journey I wonder briefly if the money was worth their lives.

The camp was deserted when we arrived but an inspection of the computers told us they’d uncovered alien technology earlier in the week. They must have been trying to contact the Alliance about it but couldn’t get a signal connected thanks to those damn scavengers. I gather the team and head towards the excavation site. Maybe someone there can give me some answers.

And that’s when it happened. They came. Machine cultists they’re called in the colonies. Soldiers like me just call them husks. The ancient technology these miners had uncovered had infected them like a virus, covering them with wires, stealing their humanity. They’re dead yet still they move, attacking everyone in their path, changing everything until it’s the same as them.

Dozens of them swarm us almost as soon as we enter the dig site. We fire until our assault rifles overheat then hurl them down and swap to shotguns. The battle is long and hard but finally we prevail. A cursory count of the bodies and we find that every single miner on the planet has succumbed to the virus and become a husk. If only they’d managed to get a message off, we might have been able to rescue at least some of them. The mood is grim as we leave Trebin. So much for relaxing shore leave.


14 thoughts on “Mass Effect – Trebin Vacation

  1. You weren't there man. I've seen things, done things. Held people's futures in the palm of my hand. Yeah I dropped the ball sometimes and lives were lost, but I always did what I thought was right.Ahem, anyway, hell of a sidequest eh? This planet has nothing to do with the story. No-one even sends you there on a mission as a real sidequest. I just found it and landed. You read what happened next in my report, Admiral. *salutes*

  2. It's really simple when you break it down to the essential parts. Deceptively so. But it all comes together beautifully. There's so much more to it than I thought. Things that are boring in other games (like collection quests) actually seem of vital importance in this because of the well detailed background that permeates almost every part of the game.

  3. first paragraph of miks comment should have read "Yeah I dropped the ball sometimes and lives were lost, but I always press reset." :lol:sounds like a great story though. I love finding new things & places others have not even dreamed of 😀 it's really thrilling :Dhey what can I say… I grew on on Nintendo & the like. Such is our generation :p

  4. Seriously. I regularly have multiple games on the go at the same time so resetting would be pointless. In this case I've got a pure soldier who always does the right thing and uses charm to get what he wants. My other game is a half soldier half technician who does what I'd do in the situation, but when possible will use threats instead of charm. Kim's playing a pure soldier and having fun with the people on the station.

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