It’s All About The Why

I’m not a nice guy.

My regular readers will recall that a few months ago we were having trouble with one of the people in the house we shared. He was constantly getting drunk, making noise, stealing from other residents, and even walked into our bedroom while he was naked from the waist down. The last part made me really angry but I kept to my normal routine and talked to him trying to get him to see how out of order he is. A few days later we walked into our kitchen and caught him in the middle of stealing from us. All my talking and reasoning had convinced him I was weak and afraid of him, so I’d never do anything to stop him, right? Wrong. I dragged him into the hall and had him up against the wall by his throat. I screamed abuse in his face as I lifted the fat fuck off the ground using one hand and he begged me not to hurt him. And then Kim’s gran got ill and we went away for three months to look after her.

We’ve been back a week or two now and nothing of ours went missing while we were away, nor has it now that we’re back. I taught that man fear and he’s living everyday with it now. He barely leaves his room. Yesterday, Kim and I came out to do something in the kitchen and he was just ahead of us. I stopped at the top of the stairs and smiled, watching him descend. As he reached the bottom and turned towards the kitchen he glanced up at me and his face was the picture of terror. We went down, deliberately getting in his way and he stayed back. He went to put some food in the oven and I made a slight gesture with my hand, motioning Kim forwards. He took three steps back to get the hell outta our way.

I’m bullying him and I’m enjoying every moment of it for what he thought he was putting us through. Told you I’m not a nice guy. But I am an honest one, and that’s really what this post is about.

I’m doing the wrong thing here but it’s made our lives much more livable. Selfish? Yes. Necessary? Unfortunately so. Am I feeling bad about it? Yes, but I’m not feeling bad about what I’m doing. More because of the fact that we live in a world where I have to do it.

People do the wrong thing all the time for the right reasons. Hell, recent events on here have taught a few of you that. The world has never been black and white, we just believe all that Disney crap as kids. Good people doing the wrong thing for the right reason are behind half of the conflict in the world. The other half belongs to good people doing the right thing for the wrong reason.

We’ve all seen it before. Someone goes over to a charity collector and sticks a ten pound note in the tin because it’s the right thing to do, despite the fact they passed by and ignored a homeless guy to get to the charity collector. They go to church every Sunday and count their brownie points to getting into paradise when they die. The husband and wife never talk anymore but they stay together for the kids, not realising they’re keeping the kids in a constant hellish living environment. These are the people who make the world a worse place. They don’t actually care about what they’re doing and how it affects other people, it’s all about the reward they get at the end. I realise some of the people reading this will fall into the latter category and be offended by my words. Others will think I’m a monster for what I’m doing to the bastard that messed with us for so long. Well, I did warn you earlier on…

I’m not a nice guy.


45 thoughts on “It’s All About The Why

  1. No, you're not a nice guy. I surely understand why you are doing what you are doing, but I don't like the bullying part. That doesn't really sound right in my ears. Unfortunately I think that it is the only way this guy is going to understand that enough is enough. Good points, whatsoever. :up:

  2. You did the right thing, babe. You tried the nice, peaceful way and it didn't work. End of story. You did what was necessary. How long did he spend making me cry? Making me frightened? That son of a bitch is getting what he deserves. If you give him an inch, he'll take fifty miles. He's already proved that to us. I'm a pacifist by nature, but this is all necessary to keep our lives from being ruined by that fat fuck.

  3. I do what it takes to survive in this world. The lower people go in order to destroy me, the lower I'll go in order to beat them. And the higher I'll rise afterwards like a phoenix from the flames. πŸ˜€ It's survival and it's what I do best.

  4. :insane: you monster! :yikes: the bullying bit is a tad extreme.. but I don't blame you as its so easy and the fact that this is the asshole that brought it on himself..Like they say.. you shall reap what you sow..That guy isn't happy with the Furie he's reaping..

  5. Really not looking for pats on the back here guys. All I'm giving back is what he did to us threefold, but not using the same forms obviously. Little things like blasting our music when we know he's sleeping off a nightshift and letting everyone we meet know what he's like. The rules state that threefold is the measure of all consequences and so it shall be done.This post kinda lost track though. The point I was making was that your actions do seem a little different when measured against the reasons for them. Those who do bad things for good reason seem to be redeemed somewhat. Likewise those who do good for the wrong reason lose some of the charitable light in which they're seen. Sometimes it takes more than good intentions and sticking to the white side of life to survive. But no-one should be ashamed of that because it's a damn sight better than doing the right thing all the time but for the wrong reasons.

  6. …The lower people go in order to destroy me, the lower I'll go in order to bEAT themBy Furie, # 8. December 2007, 16:52:28


  7. I agree with what you did and are doing Mik. I cannot stand people who think that they can undermine others and walk all over them.And this twit definitly is getting some of his "threefold" back… after what he did to you guys, it's only fair you should be the deliverer :yes:

  8. "A road to hell is paved with good intentions"Errr… I a not sure if that statements fits this post but somehow…OK, what I really wanted to say is that, ready to admit it or not, we all behave as a memebers of a groups. It is in people`s character/mind. We do it without noticing."Someone goes over to a charity collector and sticks a ten pound note in the tin because it's the right thing to do, despite the fact they passed by and ignored a homeless guy to get to the charity collector."I was always interested in this. There was a nice BBC show few years ago. They put a "homeless" guy, dirty, with a lot of empty bottles around him, laying on a floor, screaming for help. No one stopped to try to help him. No one. But, when they put a young lady, good looking and well dressed, the moment she sat down on the floor and said something like "ohhh, I don`t feel good", the same moment two people stopped by to ask her what is wrong. Cruel? Yes. But this is how our mind is functioning…. No matter what is the essence, we usually make a quick judgement what is good and what is wrong and act upon it. I don`t blame you for what you did, I will do the same. Life is grey.I didn`t want this to be that long.

  9. Heeii piips, :drunk: Uers everiuon? :faint:Haaay Mik *hic!* :drunk: House iou myt???? Brithin aighhhte? πŸ™‚ :drunk:Wahchudoin wif dat bokkle?

  10. *wakes up to the sound of the bottle breaking on the floor. There was no explosion because the type of licor didn't contain enough alcohol. Picks out a piece of glass that got stuck in his cheek.*

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