Green Phones

Congratulations to Sony Ericsson for having practices that make it the top ranked environmentally friendly electronics company, according to Greenpeace's Guide to Greener Electronics. As a newcomer to Greenpeace's ranking system it's great to see them doing so well already and taking the place of honour, even beating Sony itself by several places.

Unfortunately the same can't be said of the other newcomer to the list, Nintendo. It's the only company to have ever scored zero points across the board. Get to work on that soon Ninty or even a fat italian plumber wont be able to save the world.

Still, with only 7.7 points out of a possible 10 there's plenty of room for improvement with the new leaders too.

This is how the companies line up against one another.


12 thoughts on “Green Phones

  1. Great post :up:When they came out with the results I was really astonished by many companies I thought would be really green :worried:Go Sony-Ericsson! :hat:

  2. Technically the high-end ones are sound, with lots of nice little features, even if the low-end ones suffer a bit. But the user experience can't match the two big boys.

  3. It's been around since August last year Rose. This is the sixth report since then. Nokia's always had the top spot in the previous five but the got penalized for problems with their takeback policy in Thailand this time. It'll be interesting to see how it all shapes up when they've sorted that out.

  4. Nokia- A steep fall! Strong on toxic chemicals but penalty point deducted for deficiencies in takeback practice in Thailand, Russia and Argentina during our testsing

    :(I use a Nokia N73 … Hope improve the next time around

  5. Very exciting news!:yes: Thank you,Mik. Hope to see a mobile that will have all the functionality of a laptop,mainly a desktop browser like mobile browser.

  6. It's only the takeback policy in those places that's knocked them down that far. The policy itself is sound but the practice wasn't up to scratch. Thailand's excusable cause it's a new area for them to get to grips with. The other two aren't.

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