Furie 101 – Pink Shirts

We’ve all seen them. Guys walking round wearing pink shirts and thinking they’re the bees knees. You confront them and tell them just how silly they look and you always get the same response.

Their Argument
“Well I’m secure enough in my sexuality to wear pink. If you’ve got a problem with that, then well… I guess you’re a little too insecure yourself.”

And then they smile to themselves, knowingly. In their heads they’ve just proved that they’re sexually mature and that you’re not. Score one for them eh?

Want to wipe that smug look off their faces? Try this response.

The Furie Response
“Good for you mate. Of course I’m secure enough in my own sexuality not to need to go looking for some way to ‘prove’ it to myself and others all the time. I’m sure you’ll get to that stage too one day.”

And then I pat them on the shoulder sadly and walk away, leaving their smug grin dripping slowly off their chins.


31 thoughts on “Furie 101 – Pink Shirts

  1. There's nothing wrong with pink. Some guys carry it off – you couldn't – and one could argue either way about whose response is the winning one…

  2. Yeah. Some guys can carry off wearing pink, but it has to be light pinks. I don't think shocking, neon pink shirts suits a man.

  3. Yea.. the green overpowers it like a manly colour should.. note.. i said green.. not a light shade of leprechaun green with a hint of a dewy mornings grass..

  4. I think I speak for everyone when I say Clint's more camp than Dan now.This isn't a post about who's right or wrong. It's a post about how to wipe the smug grin of people's faces. Some of these guys wear pink shirts simply because they like it, but too many wear them to affirm their masculinity. And many of them only to draw attention to it so they can kick at someone else's confidence.

  5. I usually just ignore the smug, attention seeking ones…especially if they're in loud pink shirts. As a woman, i'd feel very uncomfortable with a man that constantly wanted to reaffirm his masculinity by wearing pink shirts and making other men feel like wimps.

  6. 😑 Look Mik! I'm secure enough in my sexuality to wear pink. If you've got a problem with that, then well… I guess you're a little too insecure yourself :rolleyesinagayway:

  7. I see shirts like that every day. I've no idea if the people who wear them are making some kind of statement, but they're frequently assholes.Wait, maybe that's the statement…

  8. πŸ˜† oh my god Mik – what a meanie! does it really matter what THEY wear!If they want to look silly let `em… we can just laugh…

  9. That's why you've enrolled in Furie 101, a class dedicated to teaching you the smartass answer to everything that leaves you gasping for words. Next weeks class is about telling kids where babies come from. :devil:

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