You know what the most annoying thing about Buy One Get One Free offers is? That's right, you got it in one. It's when there's only one thing you actually want that's on the offer. And do they ever take pity on you and just give you the thing you want for half price? Of course not.

Well, not usually anyway. GAME stores in the UK are currently running an offer on selected games for Xbox 360 and there are two things I want on there (Two Worlds and Blue Dragon) but the thing is, we already own Blue Dragon. So, sometime soon I'm going to be going into GAME and trading in our copy of Blue Dragon then using the credit we get to buy the game again along with Two Worlds. Yes, it's a bizarre thing to do. Yes, they'll look at me like I've walked out of the sewer. And yes, I'll still only be getting one new game on the deal. But, it'll be a lot cheaper this way, probably less than half price.

Am I cheap for doing this or just economically minded in a world that charges £50 for a game that could only last five hours? I love taking advantage of the deals the stores run. Even Mass Effect (a new game) only cost me £5 because I got it on a deal with the console, and my regulars know just how much fun I've been having with that.

These days it's just not worth paying stupid amounts of money on games, at least not until the developers have gotten to grips with the new hardware and can make games as large as the later ones on last generation consoles. Ah who cares anyway, I'm getting a new game. I'll put up a review when I've spent some time with it.


32 thoughts on “B.O.G.O.F.

  1. Am I cheap for doing this or just economically minded in a world that charges £50 for a game that could only last five hours?

    You're f**cking smart mate, not cheap at all. I am cheap, only because the cool kids are doing it! 😎

  2. In this day and age, we gotta save and look out for ways of getting better deals, and your idea is actually very clever Mik, not cheap at all.

  3. Kim's referring to the King Kong game that was a tenner second hand. We bought two copies then traded them against another game. The store was selling 360 games for a tenner if you traded in any two 360 games. Saved us twenty quid that day. 😀

  4. It's a very smart idea. And very sweet too – you bought a cheap game last week to trade in towards this deal so you could get it cheaper, and spend the left over money on my birthday… 😥 .We're always coming up with ideas like this. One time, a store was running a deal where you trade in any two 360 games for a brand new release, so we got two versions of the same rubbish game second-hand, cheap, and it saved us loads 😆

  5. £50 for a new game? :yikes: A game's got to be something special for me to even contemplate spending over £30.Nice tricks, though. I did something similar with a load of Gameboy cartridges years ago.

  6. Mart, I rarely pay full price for things. I'll either wait til they go down or get them on a deal somewhere. The last game I paid full price for was Resi 4 on Gamecube and that's only cause we'd been waiting for it for over four years and absolutely had to have it the day it came out.

  7. Well, you're the one so pissed off about the "buy one get one free"!! :lol:Actually, you can just sell the free one on eBay! :up:

  8. I remember it being £100 and people paying way more to make sure they got a copy. I also remember my mate getting the double dizzy death combo we developed for Guile published in the strategy book. :happy: Strangely they left out the Hurricane Kick trap he came up with for Ken. Trick was to perform the move just before landing behind an opponent. They'd be facing the wrong way and be damaged by every hit of the Hurricane Kick cause they couldn't escape. He even sent videos of all our stuff in.

  9. When i had an N64 it pissed me off that the games were all £50, but as it was a cartridge i was willing to allow an extra bit for manufacturing. Now Wii games are only slightly more expensive than PC ones, but i'll still only go over £30 if it's got something extra like another WiiMote.But £50 for an XBox360 game? :no: Anyone remember Streetfighter II coming out for £70? :ko:

  10. I don't follow N+ anymore, and i haven't liked a beat'em up since SFII. That's the only one i ever got into apart from IK+

  11. Man that's going back a bit. I toyed with Mortal Kombat for a bit but it went off down the Tekken route of predetermined combos and shiny graphics over gameplay.I'm all about the RPGs these days though. I need value for money. Tried out Gears of War on a rental and it clocked in at just over 9 hours. If I'd bought that at £50 like so many did, I'd be pissed. Blue Dragon is pretty huge for the price as is Mass Effect and Two Worlds. Oblivion was large but not enough for me. Morrowind cost me a tenner and lasted months of almost constant play.

  12. 9 hours is pathetic – you'd get more from a 15-year-old copy of Civilization I. I want at least an hour for every £1.

  13. Me too. It's a good philosophy to have with everything except books. Sometimes I just read too fast.We're the same with DVDs. If we're not gonna get an hour per pound spent then it's not usually worth it. The exception was Heroes which I loved straight away and could watch over and over. I knew Kim'd like it too, but I didn't expect her to be as rabid as me.

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