Chat To Santa

Those lovely little boffins at Skype have come up with a brilliant idea for Christmas. Got a webcam and kids? Why not set up a one to one chat with Santa for them. They don't have to write letters anymore and, best of all, it lets them believe a little longer.

Click here to find out more.


23 thoughts on “Chat To Santa

  1. That is so sweet. It made me remember, my uncle used to call us, pretending he was Santa… And what made us believe was that he knew exactly what naughty we'd done :p *sigh* the good ol' days…

  2. Well, they set it up as a webcam chat so that parents can keep an eye on Santa and make sure he's not a pervert (the last shred of my innocence died when typing that) but I don't think they reckoned on a mid twenties girl in a cat outfit and boots, checking his "sack" for toys before getting him to "come down her chimney." :whistle:

  3. its shameful at how people act now-a-days…thats mean and something should be done about it…and it should not have had to wait until after the first of the year to be taken care of.

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