Furie 1 – World 0

Today I changed the world. Well, to be more precise, I changed our world. The worry is gone. Kim's birthday will be marvelous. Christmas will be good for both of us. And I've managed to sort out a load of our life problems too.

What did I do? Well, it started with a phone call and ended with a lot of pain in my legs. No, I wasn't whoring myself out. I'll let Kim tell you what happened in her friends only post which she's probably posting right now.

Until then, take that world! Told ya I'd win.


33 thoughts on “Furie 1 – World 0

  1. Always have. It's what I do best, beating the odds. Which is why my predictions always seem to come true. So, enjoy your day today C. šŸ˜‰

  2. Great, awesome, fantastic Mik. You're a star for beating "the world" and showing it that they won't get you guys down.I'm really really happy for you guys.

  3. I went for a short walk, but nothing happened Mik, except i saw beauty in my surroundings, in the nearly full moon…I wasn't in the mood for that today Clint :whistle:

  4. :happy: much better. I just looked out my window at the moon again, and i can see Venus… it's awesome. It has been a more "inner positive" day. Thank you Mik.

  5. Well Mik I'm a little shakey and my nerves are shot to hell, at least I'm alittle better than yesterday. How are you feeling? Better I hope. šŸ™‚

  6. Just worried bout a friend is all. šŸ˜€ Hope your Christmas goes okay. I know you'll have a lot getting you down, but you try to enjoy it. You deserve to.

  7. Mik, I hope you know that you being here and being my friend has helped me alot, it gives me strength, all my friends here give me strength. So by you being here for me makes me feel better. I know if it gets to much to bear I can always pm you and talk to you. Thank you for that, my friend, THANK YOU!!! Please, no more being :(, it's the Holidays, I would love to see you have holiday cheer & no saddness, ok? :happy:

  8. Thank you Mik, it will. My daughter and her boyfriend will be here. šŸ™‚ My mom said her and dad will be with us too. :)I hope you and Kimmie enjoy your Christmas too, you both deserve to have a great Christmas. šŸ™‚

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