Bah! Humbug I Say…

I'm not built for Christmas cheer. I prefer a quiet, relaxing time, not all these annoying Christmas songs, and crowds of people trying desperately to out-do each other with presents. We went to McDonalds today for breakfast and a couple of guys were collecting for charity in the shop. I don't know what the charity was because they were both playing saxophone versions of carols through a small sound system. It was way too loud and disturbed the feeling of peace I've been having recently.

It's the same everywhere. The same Christmas album blasting out of all the shops. People buying more chocolate than they can possibly feel comfortable eating. Tacky lights up in dirty towns. I see some of the photos on my friend's pages of their towns at Christmas and I realise what we're missing over here. There's a relaxed sense of class to the event. It's treated as a special time of year still, yet everyone seems more like me when it comes to dealing with it.

Tonight we're going to be chilling out with some hot chocolate and a film (The Nightmare Before Christmas, which I've never seen before). Maybe then I can relax a bit and start to have the Christmas I want with the woman I love. If not, there's always chocolate…


65 thoughts on “Bah! Humbug I Say…

  1. Furie 0 – Tacky Xmas 1 :p Seriously I'm a bit the same.. although I love crashing Xmas afterparties.. But since I'm alone with my mother it'll be a night of favorite movies and my friend Jack D with the possibility of a woman I like..:lol: Merry Xmas MiKim.. and thanks for being such great friends this last year.. :happy:

  2. Yes, people usually do some of that, but my family is not much in religion and we are a big mix of orthodox, catholic and evangelistic, so we celebrate both Christmasses and have a family lunch πŸ˜€

  3. Thanks Clittypoo – you know that you're special to me… My friend is Southern Comfort, and I'm a lush, cause I've been drinking since about 14:00 πŸ˜† . Have a good'un, sugar. XThanks Darko, I'll head there now x

  4. I know honey… I love you too…lots :heart:..:sst:. I'll mail you a plane ticket… when you see a break, take it… and come to me…:love:

  5. Yeah, somehow I figured he might :D.Christmas was ok, I guess. I didn't get more into the spirit after all. And dinner ended quite early… Also, there's only two of us cousins in MalmΓΆ tonight, so our annual christmas eve (night) gathering isn't happening tonight :(.We're going out tomorrow though :up:.Hey, something good did happen tonight – I played a Wii for the first time. And won :hat:.

  6. Oooh, A Nightmare Before Christmas :D. How did you like it? (The picture on my last post is a christmas ornament with Jack Skellington on it :D)

  7. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that! 😦 .But, yay, you won on your first go on the Wii! That's impressive! I still haven't had a go :down:

  8. Oh, the bowling? That's the one my brother was strangely good at (even though he kept nearly whacking the TV every time).

  9. That's good, at least, Rose. I hope tomorrow is wonderful for you!Thank you, I hope so too!I REALLY wanna get a Wii sometime – Twilight Princess and Resident Evil – Umbrella Chronicles are calling to me…

  10. πŸ˜† Yeah, one of the ones playing tonight were like that too. Kept swinging her arm really close to the TV as if it would help if she only got a little closer.Of course, I do not know what I look like while playing, so I'd better :zip: :p

  11. No! Don't be sorry – I had an ok day and I'm meeting my cousins tomorrow instead :D. Christmas doesn't really mean that much to me anyway, so I take the dinner and meeting people I like as a special bonus.:sst: The game was bowling :lol:Hey – it's Christmas for you now, right? Merry Christmas – hope it turns out just the way you want it :heart: πŸ˜€

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