Unknown – Kidnapper, Victim, Which Are You?

Five men wake up in a deserted warehouse. One has been shot and is handcuffed to a railing. One has a broken nose and a bloody shovel lies beside him. One is tied to a chair. A broken cellphone is on the floor and an empty holste lies in a desk drawer. No-one can remember who they are and how they got there. So begins Unknown, one of the best psychological thrillers in recent days.

Pretty early on it becomes clear that some of the men are kidnappers and some are kidnap victims, but which is which? This film throws every trick in the book at you in order to keep you guessing. None of the actors are big name stars but all are recognisable for playing certain types of roles. The film makers obviously recognise this and set up situations to both reinforce and shatter your initial preconceptions about the characters based on who plays them.

Allegiances are formed and broken as the mistrust flows around the characters and they try to work together to escape. This film manages to keep you guessing right up until the final reveal. While not the best movie in the genre (an honour that still belongs to Memento) this is still a fun film with a lot to offer.

Rating – 8/10


30 thoughts on “Unknown – Kidnapper, Victim, Which Are You?

  1. Cause you're older than you look and it just hasn't been the same since they invented talkies? By Furie, # 15. January 2008, 23:48:31

    LOL, I just, like a couple, Pulp Fiction, Six ways to sunday (RECOMMENDED) and Reservoir dogs, other than that, it's hard to keep concentration.

  2. No, I certainly didn't. I can honestly say I didn't see that last thing coming… Which is great! I hate having figured out the whole movie after 15 minutes :DI'd happily hear more tips of movies in this genre :up:

  3. It's not usually the sort of film I watch. Occasionally I get a feeling about something though and it turns out to be something special. I'll post here next time I get the feeling.Also works with Lottery scratchcards by the way, but then I get a feeling about a certain number, and that's the serial number of a winner left in the roll. I only trusted that feeling a coupla dozen times but it was accurate all those times. Great when I'm working a place that sells them. Not so good any other time.

  4. Every time I've had a feeling it's panned out. One time I wrote down 3 numbers. Two were my money back again and the last one was a £75 prize. Walked out of work that night smiling and found a wallet on the street. No ID at all but £35 in notes. Still I had a feeling as I walked home through town so I just checked my account to put it to rest. I'd been paid some money an old job owed me that I wasn't expecting.I went to work with the tiny amount of cash we had left until payday. Came home that night with a DVD player, stack of DVDs and a huge pizza. And the DVD player was on sale too.I don't think it's any kind of psychic power like other people think when I tell them. It doesn't present that way. Some of us just have a knack for things and mine is for being lucky. Reaping the karmic energy I sow into the world.

  5. *flies into the post*Chosen one? Surely there'd be more signs than good luck?*picks up a car and idly tosses it from hand to hand*

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