Death On Mars

I saw a photograph that people are claiming proves that there’s life on Mars. There’s been a lander there for about four years now and it’s been sending photographs back at regular intervals and this was one of the latest.

Since this photograph was sent back the internet has been going wild over the figure of a woman sitting on a rock with her arm outstretched. Many are now convinced that there’s life on the red planet.

Idiots! As you can see in the following close-up, it’s clearly the Grim Reaper in the shot.

Now that I’ve exposed this maybe some of those internet nerds can stop living their fantasy lives and get a real one. You’re welcome.


62 thoughts on “Death On Mars

  1. If it was photoshopped it wouldn't be all over the newspapers today. When I went shopping this morning I wondered for a second why they were running an image from my latest post. :doh:.It's a genuine photo from the Mars mission. Probably just a rock though, but that hasn't stopped people going crazy about the fact it seems to have humanoid form. It's a bit vain to think that the first life we'd come across would be the same basic form as us.

  2. What Kim said, basically. I believe, given the human understanding of cell structures on this planet, that bacterial creatures, possibly single celled, possibly more, could live there. It's possible that whatever galactic event infested this planet with life could have affected the surrounding planets as well, albeit affecting them to a lesser degree as they're not as capable of sustaining as broad a spectrum of complex lifeforms as ours is.

  3. That's what the science fiction writers say. Aliens will be able to cure all diseases and provide us with a leg up to a wider galaxy than we've ever known. It's just another version of religion to me. Believe enough and they'll come down from the sky and lead us to paradise. Sound familiar?Life wasn't always on this planet. It arrived here somehow, or was activated by radiation. We're a prime position in our solar system because we have a mix of so many different conditions ranging from sea to desert to icefields. It's possible that whatever caused life to happen on this planet affected others in our system as well. But as their conditions are different to ours that life would have certainly evolved differently if at all. It's common sense.Even if we do find a race of humanoids close by there's no guarantee that any race we do come across will have a technologically based culture. They may well have bypassed us by not following the technology route, or be far behind us. If they're behind us it's pretty sure that humanity will take up a slave race. It's what we're good at.:mad:

  4. Originally posted by Furie:

    That's what the science fiction writers say. Aliens will be able to cure all diseases and provide us with a leg up to a wider galaxy than we've ever known

    You know, I've never actually read a sci-fi story like that. That sounds more like what a certain breed of intellectual believes, ie that aliens will be intelligent, have done away with war and disease, and basically have solved all the problems that plague mankind. Rubbish. If aliens do exist, I expect any interaction and differences to be similar to how is between nations/people on earth (horrible sentence).There's an old Robert Silverberg story (I think it's the Alien Years) where Earth is invaded and occupied for several decades. Humanity tries repeatedly to overthrow them, and is defeated every time. Then, suddenly, the aliens leave. No reason is given, the point is merely made that they're alien and do not think like we do. It made for a pretty unsatisfying book, ultimately.

  5. I should have specified, amateur science fiction writers.My favourite sci-fi had the aliens invent 24 hour news television and run repeated crises in america (notably the attempted assassination of the president) to divert attention from their true aims. I'd love to find and read it again to see if I'm remembering it right.

  6. Hiya Dan. I'd love one. Black, no sugar please. By Furie, # 23. January 2008, 17:27:53

    There ya go mate :coffee:I'll take one with cream and cinnamon :DSeriosuly, life from outer space scares the living shit outta me LOL. :alien:

  7. Why? Plenty more things can harm you down here. We haven't even explored a tenth of the depths of the oceans on this planet. Could be a race of evil mermaids out there, that eat brains to survive.

  8. Could be a race of evil mermaids out there, that eat brains to survive.By Furie, # 24. January 2008, 17:06:19

    Nympho mermaids? :left:

  9. Did you delete my comment? or was it swallowed up in the space time continuem?:left:.I think Douglass Adams was right. We're the descendants of… (read Life, the Universe and Everything for the rest of this sentence.)

  10. :insane: Now I don't get my own joke!Oh yeah, a sarcasm for Rednecks not having brains! :lol:Geesh, SERIOUSLY, I thought I lost my capability of comprehension, gosh I'm paranoid with no reason.

  11. Is it possible that the photo was taken in afghanistan? Maybe they couldn't get the lander thing to mars so they just left it in Osama Bin Laden's back yard:p

  12. No way he's in Afghanistan. You can't lead a successful terrorist group by being in the country that people think you're in. You ask me, he's living ten yards from the White House, probably with a job in the secret service. πŸ˜† Hey, if the secret service is so secret, how come we all know the name of it?

  13. Well it's good enough that we don't notice. :up: There's a saying in this country; "If you want to learn english, go to school in another country." Not very catchy, but true.

  14. :lol:Last year I called one company in London, wanting to make an order, and after few minutes of talking to a man on the other side I asked him if they have someone from eastern Europe working there. He was confused, asked why, and then I told him that I didn`t understood a single word he told me, his accent was so British he could speak swahili as well, no difference to me πŸ™‚ He almost choked laughing πŸ˜€

  15. You know all those american shows that have british guys talking like really upper class gits? Yeah, that doesn't actually happen. If you ever get the chance to visit, go to a place affectionately known as the Black Country. The people there speak in such an hilarious accent that they don't even understand each other. πŸ˜€

  16. You could always learn cockney.Or welsh or gaelic..Americans are as bad. I once spoke with some american git, when he told of his name was Durg I asked him to repeat it so he did. I asked him to repeat it again and he said Duurrggk.Finally, I asked him to spell it and he said "dee, yew, gee. Duurgk".I haven't ever phoned an american company since then. No point speaking over the phone if they can't speak.

  17. :lol:And I just remembered, once when I was in Gyor in Hungaria, I was photographing something when one young man approached and told me something. I asked: Sorry, do you speak English? and he said: Of course. Then I realised he talked in english all the time. And he was from London too :eyes:@qlue – I have never had opportunity to learn cockney; welsh? gaelic? you must be kidding….

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