Working On The Escape

Dying painfully.

Today we went over to Leicester to put our names on the waiting list for the place we want. It all went off without any major problems, but on the train journey over we were cramped into the space between carriages because there were no seats. The problem with that is that, due to the damage done to my back a few years back, I have to shift position quite often else I start seizing up. Being stuck standing and right up against a wall started hurting by the time we’d gotten there and by the time we were done getting our names on the waiting list, I had a major headache.

Still, in order to celebrate, we had a little retail party in Zavvi. That’s the new name for Virgin Megastores by the way. We bought Frasier season 3, the special edition of Family Guy Blue Harvest (with a sexy t-shirt as an added bonus), My Name Is Earl season 2, Queer As Folk (so Kim can finally see it) and some american vampire detective series called Blood Ties that we had a feeling about.

At this moment I’m finally fully relaxed on my bed. My head has finally stopped aching, and I no longer want to saw my feet off with a rusty hand rolled cigarette. I’m chilled and happy . And for the first time in a while I can see a very bright future actually coming into reach.

Laters guys and gals.


36 thoughts on “Working On The Escape

  1. Except for the killing back and freaked up feet you can call that a good day.. :p Never heard of Blood Ties.. let me know how it goes..

  2. I know how that pain in back can be painfull, especially if you have to stay in one place without movement for a long time. After that, even if you sit on the edge of the table, you can almost hear them say "thank you" :lol::up: for moving to another appartment.

  3. How long do you expect to be on that waiting list before you get your own place?In Denmark it is pretty difficult to get an appartment these days, unless you can buy one yourself, and the prices are ridiculous. 😦

  4. :eyes: me too.. I'm imagining people sitting outside like vultures waiting for someone to die so they can swoop in..:eyes: :p

  5. πŸ˜† no no, it's not like that. It's just if you are told that it takes 10-15 years before you can get an appartment, then it's got to be because someone needs to die before you can move in. πŸ˜€

  6. Either that or your government is in serious debt and reckons a revolution will get them out of trouble. :yes: Tell them I'll be over shortly.

  7. I have a solution. Send everyone who is either unemployed or has no place to stay to America. Let them provide for them. Every other country will Then have enough resources to cater for anyone remaining behind. Everyone is happy. :p

  8. :yikes: :no: way is everyone happy than. America is so far in debt that it will not be able to get out of it, in the trillions :eyes: :p πŸ˜€

  9. Originally posted by Tillypoo:

    At least it's not like 10 years, like some places here. It's kinda weird to just wait for someone to die.

    And thenOriginally posted by Clintypoop:

    me too.. I'm imagining people sitting outside like vultures waiting for someone to die so they can swoop in..

    We just wait till they go to work :left: If they have any kids inside we just lure them out with candy and then kick the shit outta them. :right:

  10. Originally posted by Mik:


    :whistle:Originally posted by Kitty:

    If people don't leave their kids at home Dannii, there will be no asses to kick!

    Hell yeah! :headbang:

  11. America loves solving everyone elses problems. Won't it be easier for them that way?.America has plenty of unpopulated desert. Just build a bunch of casinos and turn Nevada into one giant magalopolis.:devil:..Then there will be plenty of space for everyone. πŸ˜€

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