Nokia N96, You Mean That’s It?

What the hell Nokia? 3GSM has always been where the best new handsets are revealed and the name change shouldn’t change that. So far Nokia have revealed a few new handsets that could fit anywhere in their current range. The only stand out phone is the N96 and that only really adds a 16GB hard drive and Flash Lite 3 into the mix to differentiate it from the N95.

It seems that this year is all about software for Nokia. They’re debuting their new version of Nokia Maps, as well as the long awaited Ovi service. But the talk of the show has to be the S60 Touch user interface. Still in development, it’s already being touted as an iPhone killer. As anyone who knows my page will already know, I reckon the iPhone killed itself, but who am I to argue with the experts eh?

The new Touch interface is indeed lush to look at and the tactile response system really adds some much needed… well, tactical response actually. As well as vibration and sound letting you know you’ve pushed a button on the touchscreen, the entire screen actually goes in slightly allowing you to feel that you’ve pressed the button.

Also integrated are several other sensory controls. No real details have been released yet but both the accelerometer and camera have been mentioned as control methods for certain features.


8 thoughts on “Nokia N96, You Mean That’s It?

  1. It's a half social site, half file sharing from what I could see. Having network problems so haven't looked into it fully yet.No pics cause they really aren't needed. The N96 looks just like a black N95 but a bit wider and taller cause the screen's larger.

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