Xperia X1

After introducing the G series, Sony Ericsson went on to introduce the new Xperia range of phones. These are high-end phones with prices to match, that will be in direct competition with Nokia’s N series. I’ve heard about the X1 before but have only ever been able to get hold of some early development shots of it. Now though, allow me to introduce you to my vision of the future.

With a full QWERTY keyboard and a VGA resolution screen, this device is aimed directly at heavy web users. Strangely this device runs on Windows Mobile 6, but other Xperia products may have other operating systems as Sony Ericsson have elected to use the best system for the handset instead of sticking to a single all purpose interface.

More details can be found here. I’m so glad this is an actual phone as for a while it seemed like it’d be lost in development.


42 thoughts on “Xperia X1

  1. All I know is a lot of people have returned them and traded in for the N95 citing software issues as the reason. Whether they just wanted a new phone or not I don't know.

  2. They're running out of network features now, as well as device features. The 4g basket is still empty compared to what the 3g one looked like at this stage. Soon there'll be no better phone to want. :insane:

  3. Originally posted by Mik:

    With a full QWERTY keyboard and a VGA resolution screen,

    You talking my language now baby! :DOriginally posted by Alla:

    I still want Nokia N73

    Take my sister's, we both hate it! :yuck:Originally posted by Zรจ Furiรจ:

    I've heard there's some software problems with that hun. Haven't confirmed yet though.

    Some!!?? SOOOMMEE??? :insane: It sucks!

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