There’s a problem with video games. And no, before anyone starts it’s nothing to do with violence. It’s the fact that I play the games and get into a certain way of thinking that quite often carries over into my real life.

I’ll be happily walking along and I’ll see a bird’s nest in a tree. Before you know it I’ll be reaching for my gun, ready to shoot the nest down and see what treasure falls out.

Or maybe I’ll see a car parked down the road from a ramp. It wont be long until I’m looking around to see if anyone will notice me stealing the car and trying for an insane jump.

But at least it’s better than it was back in the early 90s. I can’t tell you how many small animals I stomped on, expecting to get gold rings out of them…

Oh, in case anyone from the Daily Mail is reading this, that was a joke.


34 thoughts on “Instinct

  1. Hopefully I'll never get to the point where if I jump I automatically go "Wa-hoo!" in a silly voice :left:.I only remember a couple of games ever catching me completely by surprise. The first was Wolfenstein 3D, when after opening a huge nest of secret doors I came face to face with one of the giant german cyborgs and died in a heartbeart.The second was Civilization I, when I first captured the capital of a much bigger nation, and their whole empire split into two rival factions. Not even hinted at in the manual.Clive Barker's Undying was pretty damn unsettling too – might play it again one day.

  2. I used to expect talk and thought bubbles to appear above peoples heads..:lol: too much Final Fantasy.. :ko: also its become my firm belief that the more you do something you will level up eventually.. :p:left: that is true isn't it?

  3. Make some potion to level up easier.. you need..mug.. sugar..(optional) coffee.. milk is for wussies..Now go get'em you brain masher you.. :up:

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