In Trade We Trust

Money – my personal saviour.
Money – material lust.
Money – that’s what they treasure.
Money – in God we trust.

We took some old games down to trade in at GAME today along with our old PS2 which isn’t getting used anymore. In total I reckoned we had about £80 worth of trade in value. Kim estimated it at about £120 as she remembered they’re running a deal (trade in three or more games and you get 25% extra) on trade ins.

Neither of us were prepared when the guy behind the counter told us we had £201.60 worth of stuff. That’s $403.20, €272 or R3051 for impacts sake in other countries.

I finally got Lego Star Wars for myself and we grabbed another controller for the Xbox so we could chop each other up in it. We also grabbed a battery charger for the 360 and the Wii version of Resident Evil 4 (the game so good we’ve bought it three times now). Basically, all stuff we didn’t want to spend money on but wanted anyway. And as an added bonus, we’ve got enough left over to get Lost Odessey next week and a couple of other games when they come out.


35 thoughts on “In Trade We Trust

  1. What qlue said.. :p Here we have Cash Converters and Cash crusaders.. you'll be lucky to get a third for what you pay and they sell it again for just under usual prices..By the way.. YOU LUCKY GITS! :p

  2. If you mean the pork he stocks in the fridge that he got from the butchers then yeah.. :p almost walked right into that one.. :insane: wary of the Dark Furie you must be.. :yoda:

  3. OK,HERE ARE YOUR WORDS OF ADVICE FOR TODAY… THEN GO AHEAD AND LAUGH… Never, Ever, Ever ~EVER~ Under ANY Circumstance Kiss A Monkey!!

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